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Blessings and randomness

Things that blessed me this week/and other random thoughts

Spending three hours on the back porch talking to someone who cares a lot more then I ever realized.

Time sitting in my living room yesterday talking and letting kids run and plan, for having 6 kids in the house it was oddly relaxing.

My friend who will be here at the drop of a hat anytime I call her.. and man do I call her a lot! :) (She usually has my daughter more than I do!!) :)

All the "kinks" working out, and in fabulous amazing ways that I never could have planned.

Losing 4lbs.

My amazing kids, who always find a reason to make me smile.

Beach days

Watching Garrett play t-ball!

Having A/C in my house, I like to set it on "arctic"

Lucy hugs. (I feel like a rock-star every time I see her)

free Padre tickets

My WHOLE family is coming out this weekend! Starting tomorrow my parents get here, then everyone else on Saturday!

Finally selling the iguana cage for cash. However I did appreciate the trade offers, and as much …

20lbs in twenty days

This is my goal starting today. I know it sounds crazy and perhaps a bad ida.. but I have to do something to kick start this weight loss thing.

Fortunately I got a good workout today, as my dear friend has ASSURED me that cleaning the house counts. :)

So no more sweet stuff, and lots of water.. and hey if I can I'll be heading to the gym!

So here goes, my quest to once more be a size 6 (but will totally settle for an 8) :)