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When good haircuts go bad (the shocking photos)

It started off as a good idea. I decided to take the boys to get a hair cut.. and by haircut I mean TRIM TEENSY TINY TRIM. I took them to a kids haircutting place over at Grossmont mall.. they are USUALLY good.. but not today, oh no... NOT today. Neither Tanner or Garrett got what I would call a GOOD haircut, but Garrett's , (insert gianty pouty face here) Garrett's broke my heart. First off when it was originally cut it looked super mullety had one side clearly longer than the other and was uneven. Tanner looks very blunt cut.. but not HORRID I think I can blend it in a bit myself.

I had to get Garrett's hair fixed though, and in doing so, said goodbye to his amazing, fabulous, lovely, curls :( *sniff* *sniff*

Here is what my sweet boy looked like



A friend of mine mentioned extensions... hmmmmm so here are a few style ideas for Garrett untill his natural curls return. :)

A picture is worth a thousand AUUUGHHHHHHH

It is no secret that my eldest child hates and I mean HATES roller coasters. (and by roller coaster, I mean anything faster than a merry-go-round.. and actually it REALLY depends on the merry-go-round)

Today was Tanner's birthday, and in honor of such, we went to Lego Land. Connor of course volunteered to ride the park bench, and wanted to go in the play structure with Nay Nay. The rides though, he wasn't horribly interested in. With a lot of coaxing from the girls, we did convince him to go on this car one, called "project X".

Well I don't think he will be going on anymore any time soon. :) (click the pic to make it larger.. the look on his face is priceless!)

ON the plus side for Connor though, he got enough white Legos while we were there to complete his WII Lego creation.


Tanner is turning 8!!! It's hard to believe! So in honor of my little boy and it being "red faced Wednesday" I will tell an embarrassing story about him.. (and I thought I'd have to wait until his first date.)

About 5 years ago Daniel took Connor, Tanner, and Connor's friend Adam to a baseball game. Apparently the theme of the evening was "mascot night". They wandered around the stands handing out balloons etc to the fans. As the mascot goes to hand Tanner his last balloon, the balloon popped. Tanner instantly dissolved into tears. ( hmm the more things change the more they remain.. anyway) The guy in the mascot suit felt horrid and ran off to fetch Tanner another balloon. Meanwhile, Adam gave Tanner HIS balloon. So then the mascot comes back with a baseball instead. 3 year old Tanner is so very excited. He gets up turns to Daniel (and the rest of the stadium and loudly exclaims)

"and if this balloon pops, I will not cry..... I wil just s…

Breakfast with Harvey

Perhaps you have met my friend Harvey ... my 6 foot invisible rabbit.

Now the good folks at Earth Blend have officially met him as well.

Let me back up a bit..

This morning I had a neurology apt at 8:00, I got done around 8:30 ish and headed home.
On the way back to the house, I remembered I still had a package at the post office that I needed to pick up, so I figured I might as well get it on my way home.
So, off I go to the post office, only to realize it was not open until 9:00. It was too close to 9:00 to justify going home and coming back(plus I knew if I went home, I would never make it back out.. but I digress.) So I started looking around the shopping center for a place to kill 20 minutes.

AHH HA! Earth Blend is open! YAY coffee! So off I go, in hopes oh a lovely piping hot mocha beverage. As I am ordering I SEE IT!! UUGHHH NOOOOOO!! Taped to the front of the register is a sign saying that due to high credit card costs yada yada yada, they will only process credit cards fo…

Very valuble V's

While I agree with Missy Shell, that it can NOT possibly be Tuesday again.. with much Vim and Vigor, I give you the things that I am thankful for that begin with the letter V

in no particular order...

10 - Vicodin - Man my knee hurts

9 - Vampires - the ones in "twilight" I have a special fondness for

8 - Visiting - Family, friends.. et al

7 - Vocabulary (and how exstensive mine is, hehe)

6- Volunteering - Even though I tend not to know when to say when, it still blesses my socks off

5 - VGC - and the family I found there.

4 - Voting - seriously, it really is THAT important.

3 - Veterans - (oddly enough)

2 - Vacations - the relaxing, wandering, no place to be type.

1 - Vanilla - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bi-Partisan politics

My darling daughter has decided to run for Student Council. After much debate, she has chosen to run for secretary. Now at her elementary school each person who is running for office must have a campaign manager. Paige's friend Liane is her campaign manager.

Now in turn Paige is Liane's campaign manager...

Liane is ALSO running for Secretary.

Ten on Tuesday.. U should read all my U's

The lovely (yet difficult ) letter U

10) Understanding - Everyone needs at least one person who just "gets" you.
9) Upright, as in Upstanding - Because being deceived, or taken advantage of just hurts.
8) U2 - *sigh* Bono
7) Universe - So glad you are in mine
6) Ukulele - Makes me think of Hawaii, which makes me smile
5) Universal remotes - the handiness of it all is just amazing
4) United States of America - I love my country
3) Uno - Many a power outages have been survived by playing Uno
2) Uranus - Fabulous planet.. fun to say (I'll always be 13 in my heart)
1) Utah - I keep some very dear friends there.

Red faced Wednesday

So after talking about my recent dress mishap, I was chatting with a friend, and realized that I have the ability to embarrass myself and others on a pretty regular basis. Most of which are amazingly amusing, so I figured I will share some of these fabulous yet embarrassing stories with all of you. In particular the ones that I don't do on purpose. I mean it is funny to go to big 5 and tell the sales person when he asks if he can help me that I'm just there to check out his balls.. but the unintentional crazy moments of life are all the more embarrassing.

Now most of you know the famed "fat cheerleader" story, but for those of you who don't......

About 3 years ago Tanner and I were watching TV. Garrett was napping, and Paige and Connor were at school. We were watching "Lazy Town" on Nick, and Sportacus has a tendency to jump out and touch his toes in the air. I told Tanner I used to be able to do that when I was a cheerleader. He said "no huh…

Ten on practical Thursday

So my blog has been greatly neglected lately... I am working on that. I will sometimes write, then never publish, because it comes out sounding so "unblog worthy". :) I will try to up my game... but I digress.

With out further ado...


10 - Traveling
9 - Twix
8 - Tollerance
7 - Texting
6 - Trick or treating
5 - Tents
4 - Ti double g errrrr ( he's my fave)
3 - Toast
2 - Tic Tacs