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I said "I do"

Going on 16 years ago, I stood up in front of all my friends and family and said "I do".  Well actually if you were at my wedding you know that isn't entirely true, when asked "Do you Amy Louchart take Daniel Eagle to be your lawfully wedded husband...." I said "uhuh". However the sentiment was there.

I was 19, had lead a fairly sheltered existence without much exposure to the "real world", and honestly had absolutely NO idea what I was getting in too.  All I knew at that moment was that I really liked this guy, and the thought of him being in Hawaii for three years without me, kinda killed me, so we got married.  We got chastised, told we were crazy, and I heard rumors of a certain uncle starting a betting pool at the reception as too how long we would stay married, I hope someone bet on forever.

So I said "I do" well "uhuh" and I didn't know what all I was saying "uhuh" too.  Which was probably good, becau…

Once Upon a Mother's day

Once upon a time there was a mom.  Not just any mom. Of all the mom's in momdom, she got to be the mom of


Who makes silly mistakes, sprays lots of axe, plays guitar hero like no other, smiles, laughs, is smart, witty and fun. Has gone from a little boy, into an amazing young man who is so talented and fun to be around.


Who lives on her own planet at times, and may take her time, but can brighten any room just by being in it. She has her own interesting style, that suits her just fine. She is an amazing friend to all, a heart of gold, and always willing to help.


Clumsy, carefree, amazing and funny.  Takes life a little too seriously at times, but never misses that chance to make a joke.  His mind for math keeps his mom amazed. He puts his all in all he does, and shows his competitive side, but also wears his heart on his sleeve.

and Garrett

What he lacks in height he makes up for in personality.  This little man, sure can fill a room. You never know what…