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The bald Eagle..

Bald faced that is.

After many years of sporting a mustache, last night my hubby got a wild hair and shaved it off.

It certainly makes him look younger, (which in turn makes me look OLDER, but I digress) the comparisons between he and Connor have been flying all day.. so with the help of photo shop, I decided to see just how close they really are..

Here are some delightful pictures of the "transformation"




If Daniel had big puffy hair

My amazing, fantabulous, all in one, catch up Christmas vacation blog.

I have lots of fabulous things to say, so this may be a multi- blog day! (gasp gasp, I know I know) I will start with a brief summation of the amazing "EAGLE'S CHRISTMAS VACATION!" (or something like that)

We had our "Christmas morning" here on the night of the 19th. We were off the next morning at the crack of nine to head to Flagstaff, Az to see my brother and his awesome family. My parents also came in that night. It was so much fun to see everyone. Although no trivia type games were played, (I'm still recovering from the sad sad absence of this).

Sunday evening mass at my brother's church stirred lots of questions from my kids. They have never sat through a catholic mass before (not since they can remember at least) It was a really nice service and this made for some great conversation. I am more and more convinced every day that Connor will be a Baptist Pastor some day. That boy has some serious fire and conviction.

It snowed a bit while we were …

Do they know it's CHRISTmas time at all?

Let me get up on my soap box for a moment and ask you a few questions...

What does Christmas mean to you now?

What DID Christmas mean to you as a child?

Has that definition changed?

I will not be all inclusive in this, but I feel as a society MANY people have fallen into the very commercial aspect of Christmas. The season has been lost to Elmo, and the Wii et al.
I have spoken to so many people who are so consumed with WHAT DO WE GET THE KIDS?! A Wii, a XBox, video games, DVDs an iPod, bigger is better. I too have fallen into this mind set in the past. I became so consumed with not letting my kids down that I realized that, THAT is EXACTLY what I was doing. They don't NEED Santa, or a Christmas tree or 8 million dollars worth of toy box fotter that is going to break and be discarded, or forgotten by the 26th. I was letting them down, in the sense that the example I was setting for them was one of material things, not the focus of WHY we celebrate Christmas.

A few years ago I ad…

Nothing, if not amusing!

Over the past few weeks we have had several holiday parties, and Christmas productions for the kids. When my kids are involved, it's always entertaining to say the least. :)

Here are some of the highlights...

We got to see Santa at Daniel's work Christmas party;

Santa - What do you want for Christmas?

Tanner - "NACHOS"
at which point he hopped off Santa's lap and left

Then, when asked the same question by Santa,

Garrett - "Two dollars, my mom said she'd give me two dollars if I sat on your lap"

Connor winning a "Cars" night light playing "put the nose on Rudolph", at a command party CLEARLY geared towards tiny kids.

(yes he is on his knees)

Paige and her sweet friend giggling their way through the Children's choir Christmas program.

Tanner nearly falling off the risers during the Church program.

Daniel taking THIS sideways video of Tanner at the school Holiday sing... my husband.. computer genius, NOT a photographer.

and finally the mus…

The fabulocity of 34

Dwight D Eisenhower our 34th president

St. Louis rams the 34th Superbowl champions

Kansas, the 34th state in the union

Cornflower, when listed alphabetically it is the 34th Crayola Crayon color

Decode by Paramore, currently Bilboards # 34 song this week

Max Payne starring Mark Wahlberg , currently #34 at the box office

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, the 34th top grossing film of all time

Other fabulous things that are 34

La la la la, La la la la Paige's world

After much anticipation, Paige and Connor got to see TWILIGHT (insert angels singing here)

Connor is on book two, and Paige has decided she wants to read the first book which I am going to let her... at least the first one. Not sure about the rest yet.

I read the books a month or two ago, and my friend and I talk about them alot, so they pretty much know the gist of the stories... or so I thought.

They are watching it and about 3/4 the way through the movie. (they were at the ballet studio part) when Paige suddenly gasps.. JAMES IS A VAMPIRE?!!?!!???

uhh Paige, they are ALL vampires.

It must be fun to live in her world. :)

It just doesn't add up

My name is Amy...

and I'm a math failure.

This isn't a new shocking development. I have NEVER been a math whiz. I know this. However now it's hitting home just a little bit harder.

My 12 year old son is now taking Algebra in school. I remember taking pre-algebra is 8th grade, re-taking it in 9th grade, re- re taking it in tenth grade, before I was eventually vanquished to Mr.Taft's math class (aka Math for dorks).

Now my son is looking for me to help him when he is stuck. (huge thanks to all of you who have received frantic 10 P.m. math help phone calls from me)

However, I realize now that I will NEVER know what x=. NEVER EVER and I DON'T CARE! I don't want to know. I don't care what happens if two trains leave Duluth at 3:30 p.m going 55 mph. I JUST DON'T. Fractions suck! 4 out of 3 people are bad at fractions! I'm one of them.

Anyone know a cheap Algebra tutor??