La la la la, La la la la Paige's world

After much anticipation, Paige and Connor got to see TWILIGHT (insert angels singing here)

Connor is on book two, and Paige has decided she wants to read the first book which I am going to let her... at least the first one. Not sure about the rest yet.

I read the books a month or two ago, and my friend and I talk about them alot, so they pretty much know the gist of the stories... or so I thought.

They are watching it and about 3/4 the way through the movie. (they were at the ballet studio part) when Paige suddenly gasps.. JAMES IS A VAMPIRE?!!?!!???

uhh Paige, they are ALL vampires.

It must be fun to live in her world. :)


Missy Shell said…
That made me snort. Thanks for the laugh!

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