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My little girl got contacts today..

and a haircut! She is too grown up looking. The contacts were not supposed to get here until Tuesday.. They came early. She has BEGGED to wear them for graduation tomorrow.. I think I will let her.

So my baby girl started out the day looking like this..

and by the end of the day, she had aged 5 years...

A day living in randomness

This is my life, or more specifically life with my kids. Nothing is dull, and rarely as it seems, and generally quite amusing!

The following are all things overheard being said in this house....

"It doesn't hurt if it doesn't leave a mark, that's the rule"

"Are you printing your own money again?"

"We need a man cave."


"Ryan knows how to fly"

"Mom, what would happen if we filled up the pool in our room?"

"SERIOUSLY TRADE HER TO ANGIE!, we'll take Zachary"

"I only ate the parts that you cooked right, someone else can have the rest"

"Mom, tell Connor he isn't allowed to print money!"

"SWIM, Ryan knows how to SWIM!!"

On the cusp..

Tis the season for graduating and moving on. Perhaps not moving on so much, as moving up, or moving in general. Here in our little nest we are on the cusp of several graduations. (promotions whatever!)

After Monday comes and goes Garrett will no longer be my little Kindergarten cutie, but a full fledged first grader. Tanner will be leaving behind the childish ways of all things that are second grade, and rolling into the third. (One step closer to becoming a math professor at Harvey Mud college, just ask him!) Very non-ceremoniously and with little pomp and circumstance Connor will move from the 7th grade into the 8th. However the biggest buzz and ensuing chaos has been created by Paige's rise from the ranks of one of the tiniest 5th graders at Green Elementary, to be one of the tiniest 6th graders at Pershing Middle School.

Paige will "graduate" at 11:00 on Monday morning. There will be commencement speeches, procession up the red carpet. They will be called across th…

Ask a stupid question...

Right before Daniel deployed we went on a little hike with the kids, and decided to pack a picnic lunch. As luck would have it, I was out of most things I needed for a fore mentioned picnic lunch, so off I went to the store.

I ran through quickly gathered my items and headed to check out with my lunch meat, mayo and pickles. I got up to the counter and had the following exchange with the cashier..

After scanning my items, he looked at me and asked ...

"So, whatcha makin'??"

Me - "Smoothies"