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Conversations with my kids..

*radio playing* - ./` Let's burn the roof... ./`
 Garrett- "Well that seems like an extreme renovation"


Garrett - " My teacher won't let me go to the nurse's office anymore, she says I go too much"
me - "Well what does that tell you?"
Garrett- " That I should ask Mr. Edwards during P.E.??"


Connor - " We just have this project thing we are doing on Les Mis"
Me - " Have you read it?"
Connor - "uhhh Read it?? It's a play. "
Me - "yes.. Have. You. Read. It??"
Connor - " I know all I need to know.. Guy steals bread, goes to jail for a long time, chic dies at the end"


Thoughts that I think

So here I sit with a million thoughts in my head, and as per normal I am going to just spew them all out here in absolutely no order with no rhyme or reason..

I really hate going to the dentist.. but I get to have like 6 appts worth to fix this one fargin tooth!

Slinkies amaze me

I am hoping to join the Derby Dolls with my friend Julann.. she kicks serious ass.

I had a great weekend in Arizona. I glued my pants to my leg.... alcohol may have been involved.

I really look up to my brother (and not just because he's taller than me) and OLDER.. MUCH OLDER.

I have spent a lot of time trying to change, become a better me.. well I'm done with that.. take me or leave me, I am who I am.. I think this may fall under the old dogs new tricks addage.

I'm not as strong as I pretend to be, but probably stronger than I think I am.

I might start sewing again (but shh don't tell anyone)

I call my mom almost every day.

I think the Navy should let us stay in San Diego... the navy doesn…

Always good to have a plan

So today while I was emailing my husband (this is the part where I am grateful that communication is back up and that we have email opposed to the old fashion wait three weeks for a letter way.)
He had asked me to get something in the mail this week......
Me- Ok I will do that probably tomorrow.. I have dentist appts.. dr appts.. work... insanity... my nervous breakdown.. all planned for tomorrow.  So I will let you know. .
him -  Thank You.  As for scheduling your nervous breakdown....I guess that way it doesn't come as a surprise! 

I figure it's good to have a plan.

Living in a civilian world

My husband is stationed aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.  A week ago that sentence meant little to anyone except myself (and fellow friends/spouses who have a loved one aboard). It wasn't that it wasn't important, it just wasn't of consequence to most. My family and friends knew Daniel was deployed, and that I am here with my kids alone until who knows when, but the ship name, made little difference.

This week however  was a different story. I have had a lot of people calling , texting, emailing to ask me what ship Daniel is on. Suddenly being on the USS Ronald Reagan is a big deal.

A horrible tragedy befell our friends in Japan, and the USS Ronald Reagan is snapping to action. They are heading the relief effort in Japan.  They are taking risks, they are working hard, they are giving their all to serve and protect..

Just like they did last week..

Only this week it's news...

Next week and next month and next year, there will still be men and women out on these ships, read…