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No monetary value

I have no price tag.

No amount of money is equal to me.

Joy is free

Kindness has no cost.

Christmas didn't used to come with a price tag. My stocking always had an orange and walnuts in it. My favorite Christmas present was a bike my dad rebuilt for me. Joy came from snowball fights and family visiting.

Furthermore, no amount of money insures a good Christmas and lack of such does not mean a bad one.
( I don't care what Kay jewelers commercials say)

So find your joy this Christmas, but not in a department store. My happiness can not be found under a tree. I will make presents, enjoy time with my family and have the most amazing holiday ever, I encourage you all to do the same.


I'm actually 5'5

I'm horribly insecure

I have seen ghosts

I don't like my birthday, it's a cursed day. Like legitimately cursed. I always get panic attacks around this time of year

I'm terrified of the dentist

I think Connor has the best voice of anyone I know

Sometimes I drive in the carpool lane when I'm alone

I'm not very patient

I can never tell if people like me

I hide in the closet when I'm upset

I've written 1 whole and 4 partial books

I love owls

The thing that stresses me out the most in life is money ( actually the lack there of)

I find it absolutely surreal that I'm turning 39

If I ever win the lottery I'm hiring a personal organizer

My house overwhelms me

I'm addicted to nasal spray

I have long philosophical discussions with my dog

I've become really good friends with some of the people from my youth that I never really knew for as long as I've known them

I tell the door to door meat salesman that I'm vegan

I would love to watch…

I don't wanna gain the whole world..

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of Paige's bedroom wall. She had cut up a magazine to make the giant wall art... Here's a little more back story.

I've been a bit funky lately.. And not in the " won't you take me to" way.

Stressed. Trying to find a career. Trying to go back to school. Daniel's car is about to blow, not sure how we'll get Christmas for the kids, Connors graduation coming up, I just turned old type stressed.

So here I was sitting in my dining room, stressing, having my little pitty party, when I noticed cut up bits of magazine everywhere. So now I'm stressed and annoyed.

I'm in the midst of having a deep conversation with God about how I think all my life's woes could be fixed, ( i.e. Lottery, giant box of money, randomly finding some giant gold bars... Or something equally plausible ) if only he would just get on board with my plan. That's when I went into my sweet girls room, and saw this...

... Message received. Do…

Thankfulness and other assorted thoughts that I think.

Tis the season of gratitude! Everyday I see all flavors of thankfulness popping up on my social media. Ranging from the deeply sentimental "thankful for Bob who saved my life back in 84'.." To the thankfulness space fillers " yay for fuzzy socks!"

Now don't get me wrong I love the sentiment, but I also challenge all you thankful posters not to lose sight of gratitude for the next 365.

So in the spirit I've been contemplating just what I'm thankful for, and more importantly being truly grateful for what I have in my life. So here are a few thoughts of mine...

I am thankful for:

4 kids who are independent thinkers. Who are ok breaking the mold, who really don't fit in any one category.

For a wonderful husband who still loves me no matter how many times I completely mess up. If I had wound up with any one else I'd probably be buried in a desolate area somewhere. Not sure another human exists that could put up with me.

For my faith, for knowing God ex…


Ya know how when you drive the same way to work or school everyday that eventually it just kinda drives itself. You get on the freeway and then bam you're home. You don't really recall driving past some of the things you know you passed, but you know you passed them because here you are at home. Autopilot

I feel like my life is on autopilot. I've been on this freeway, and arrived here at my current life, but I don't really know how I got here. the good the bad the ugly, it all just happened. And here I am, bam.. mourning the loss of my kids youth as well as my own. I'm not young anymore, that's actually a lot easier to come to terms with than the fact that my kids aren't either. For so many years my identity has been this busy mom with 4 little kids who needed me to do everything for them, and now I'm not. I'm trying to figure out who I am now, and trying hard not to lose sight of the fact that I have a 10 year old, who still has a lot of growing up…

Kinda playing, but kinda making up my own rules

I love randomness, so I stole this from my friend, but I'm not at all playing by the actual rules, I'm just doing my own thing.

List 11 Random facts

1 - I've attributed my weight to the way I socialize. I'm a very social person, but when I get together with friends, it usually involves food. So who wants to hang out doing something that doesn't involve eating?

2 - My Danny Wood obsession may have hit an all time high.

3 - I love people too much, sometimes to the point of being blind.

4 - I'm completely convinced that someday I'll be a millionaire.

5 - I accidentally lie about my age. I am 38, but I usually say 36, not sure why... It's my default point.

6 - I used to walk everywhere, I need to start doing that again.

7 - Last night I applied for a job I am not qualified for, but am really hoping I get it.

8 - I need new recipes. Now accepting suggestions.

9 - I'm still waiting for the growth spurt everyone told me was coming when I was younger.

10 - I am really…

The best concert EVER

Not to sound conceited, but if you ask my friends, they would probably tell you I'm a fairly intelligent level headed chic. I'm generally pretty sane, except when it comes to anything that has to do with NKOTB, in particular Danny Wood, then I lose my shit and become a 13 year old babbling idiot.

It's no secret that I'm a tiny bit of a New Kids on the block fan. ( or I have a ridiculously unhealthy obsession with... Either or)

So lets go back 25 years shall we?

I was 13, he was 19..

It was love at first sight ... Well on my end it was..

It started with one poster, and then two, then three, then pretty soon my room was wallpapered with Danny Wood.

I spent countless hours listening to every tape ( yes kids tapes) that they ever made.

As I got older you would think my obsession would fade, but oh no it grew and grew. Many many concerts later... It finally happened....
Last Sunday my best friend and I

went to see NKOTB in concert (again)
She got us amazing seats near the stage…

20 years of greatness, ( aka The reunion I almost didn't go to)

You read that right Show Low peeps, I almost didn't go.

Lets roll the dial back 20 years. I was awkward, scrawny, and not the most popular chic in our booming metropolis of Show Low. I know, I know, hard to believe but true. I also know its been 20 years, Lord knows I've changed, and it was a safe bet everyone else had too. Still there was trepidation and a whole lot of "what ifs". I tried to keep in mind that in the past year I really got to know one of the guys who quite honestly I thought was kindof a douche, and he and his amazing girlfriend have become as close as family to us.

Now I did highly doubt that anyone was going to call me "Amy LouFart" or pull my chair out from under me... But still... Some negative memories flooded back, and for a moment I was that sad kid who just wanted to fit in.

As it turns out the day before we left I got horrible sick, my van started to act weird, I was freaking out about leaving 2 of my boys behind, I told my husband …

A Mother's Day poem for my lovely mother

Forty one years ago you became a mother.

You looked upon that baby so cute and fat and thought..
"Hey I can do better than that"

And that you did, just a few years later
Had a girl, so sweet and so kind,
She gave joy and rest to your troubled mind.

That "other" kid.. oh what a pill!
He kinda gives you a headache still!

But No worries from her you ever had
And after having to deal with that first one, boy were you glad

Calm, polite, drama-free
She was a pillar of the community

No headaches here , no sleepless nights
Always happy, no fuss, no fights

So on this very special Mother's Day,

From the bottom of my heart,
I wanted to say...

You're Welcome


iA iStory iAbout iA iPhone

Long long ago (last Friday) in the magical land of Patrick Henry high school, there was a girl (we'll call her Podge), and her iPhone (pronounced Aye-PaHoneAaa)

Podge and iPhone went everywhere together, they were inseparable. It was like iPhone was physical attached to Podge. Podge loved iPhone sooooo much and iPhone loved her.

and so it went....

Until one day Podge was at track and called her mom (we'll call her Princess Amazing), Podge was sobbing, iPhone had been STOLEN!!!! ( dundahdun)

Princess Amazing felt horrible, and even though she was out having amazing 9$ steak with her dear friends "Fun" and "Fabulous" ... she left her friends and rushed home to console Podge.

First they pinged the phone's current location, which was hunted out by another friend "Hutch". Hutch found that the address didn't exist. ( Thanks Sprint)

Princess Amazing was perplexed, everywhere iPhone was pinged was right around PHHS.
Perhaps Podge had left iPhone on the…

Say what?!

If you hang out in my house for any length of time, don't be alarmed if you hear any of the following...

On a side note, I just don't like people.

That picture is in Spanish.

I was thinking wrong generationally.

I don't date people, I hate people!

There was a bird in the back yard, it was like a finch, and I was gonna catch it and name it Frank... But it flew away.

I don't like loud people
-- You're loud---
I'm awesome though, I don't like non awesome loud people.

He's talking on an iPhone!!! He's a fake hobo!!! He's a fauxbo!!!

Well it's the best YOU'VE ever made it.

Who knew magic sounded so bad!

Wanna see me roll my stomach?

We didn't have any bread or peanut butter, so I made my sandwich with pound cake and frosting.

You realize, I was actually helping you by pooping with the door open...

You'll miss me when I move out in 2-8 years....

It's got Tom Stupid Cruise in it..
--"oh is that his middle name?"--

I'm on the afrin 12…

This kiss this kiss

Spring boarding off of my movie blog, and my deep love of mushy gushy romances. Some movies have the fantastic, romantic, ooye gooye romantic kiss. The moment where the whole movie becomes your favorite.

Here are my top ten, keep rewinding it, heart beating, awwww, best movie kisses.

10 - The Princess bride - Wesley and Buttercup. Who doesn't love a classic? What's better than a movie with chases, escapes and true love? Just don't read the book.

9 - He's just not that into you- Gigi and Alex.
" you are my exception" oh come on! How does that not melt you? It made me have a crush on Justin Long for crying out loud!!

8 - Dirty Dancing - Baby and Johnny Castle. Crawling towards each other to kiss while lip syncing... Ahhhhh mazing

7 - 16 candles- Sam and Jake. It's a teenage dream! Worst birthday ever, then the dreamiest guy in school shows up with a cake and a kiss. *sigh*

6 - Jerry McGuire - Jerry and Dorothy. Yes it's cheesy, yes it was predictable, but…

I have a friend - the remix

A few years ago I wrote a blog about my friends.

I was reading it today, and was amazed at the changes that have taken place in my life in the last almost three years. ( it's that whole cycle theory) I'm thrilled that I have a few friends that have and continue to outlast the "rule".

Myself as well as the people close to me have changed and grown, so I felt compelled to revisit this post idea once more.

I'd like you to meet the most important people in my life..

These are my friends...

I have a friend who is my backbone ( which I need since I rarely have one of my own). She is not afraid to tell me how it is, she is honest, she is amazing, she runs through mud and fire for crying out loud! She even buys me beer!

I have a friend who knows me better than I know myself, she always knows when to call, goes with me to see NKOTB ( come on July!) She has amazing poise, drive and is probably the nicest person I know.

I have a friend who is my Jimminey Cricket, she makes me …

Movies (Don't scare me)

I know a lot of people who think its fun to be scared.
Scary movies...
No thank you! I can't handle it! If it sounds scary, seems scary, has a spooky title, or plays an exorbitant amount of "something's gonna happen music", I'm not watching it!!!

I don't understand how scary is fun, scary is SCARY!!! You can't spell SCARE without SCAR, which is what I am for life, because I watched Psycho when I was 14. Showers still scare me! ( don't worry I have showered in the las 24 years, but it freaks me out every time.

Now the truly weird thing is I LOVE true crime shows... Forensic Files, that shtuff doesn't bother me at all. Celebrity Ghost stories, a Haunting, pure AWESOME! Sixth sense, Blaire Witch.... Not so much!!! Terrifies me, can't sleep.

Give me a good predictable romantic comedy, boy loves girl, girl has issues ( or boy does), boy gets girl in the end. Ahhhh gets me every time!!!

In other news I just watched Pitch Perfect, The Holiday and He…

50 things ( no not really)

So I was tagged in a blog, and was instructed to write 50 things that no one knows about me.....


A couple things....

I talk sorta a lot.... ( or non stop )

People who have known me for more than 15 seconds... Know EVERYTHING about me...

After much thought here are (no where near 50) some things that you might not know about me.

I have an unnatural obsession with the New Kids on the block...
( oh ya knew that huh?? ) hmmmm

I like to be alone around people. I like to be alone, but not alone alone, alone with people around.

I write... A lot... Most things never see the light of day, but it's therapeutic.

Every time any of my kids do anything for me I say " thanks, you're my favorite." However doing this in public around strangers, gets you judged harshly.

I'm 5'5, I look tall from a distance though..

I really want to be a standup comedian.

I win a ridiculous amount of contests.. But never the lottery.. Boo

I don't have a favorite song, color or food.

I snap ju…

What I support

Equality is the buzz word of today. You may have noticed many of these

on your Facebook and twitter feeds.

This afternoon amidst child retrieval, a friend asked me "what do you support?"

I don't usually espouse my political and religious beliefs, but here's what I support...

I support kindness, I support not being a douche. I support not judging people based on anything except the content of their character, looking passed a persons skin, gender, political choice, partner, height, weight, disease, job, level of education , and looking instead at the human, the person, the heart, the soul. I support examining your own-self and imperfections, before trying to pick apart what we believe are the imperfections of others. I support loving people, all people.

None of us get out of here alive, who has time for hate?

I don't want to be judged, so why would I pass judgement?

Here's another hot button issue, while I'm on a roll... I own a gun, I know how to use that …

Top 5

And now for more random brain vomit, my top 5's

Top 5 epiphanies
1- Crappy shizz happens, you can't control it, you CAN control how you react to it.

2- Happiness is a choice, if you rely on other humans to make you happy, you WILL ALWAYS be let down.

3 - "Little Red Corvette" by NOT about a car! 0_0

4- Worrying will not, does not, cannot, change the outcome of anything.

5. I have awesome ( insane, erratic, filter free, sometimes anger inducing) kids, who are going to be adults far too soon. Don't miss a minute.

Top 5 questions asked in the Eagle house daily

1- What's for dinner?

2 - Have you seen my ID?

3- Who stole the ______?

4 - Where are my keys?

5- Can someone please call my phone?

Top 5 most bizarre Eagle injuries of all time

1 - Tried to relive my cheerleader days... Ruptured all the ligaments in my ankle.

2- Zipped lip in tent.

3 - Walked into fence... Lost 2 teeth.

4 - Garrett sprained ankle and bruised foot by slipping in dog vomit.

5- jumped THROUGH t…

Ode to Jules

J is for journey, the one she's on to find her joy,
U is for unique always different never coy
L is for ludicrous, crazy, insane fun
E is for exciting, adventurous always on the run
S is for my sanity in the lack of hers she gives me some.

My friend Jules is amazing, I can't imagine life without her. Before I knew her I moshed less, drank less, and had WAY less fun.

Love you Julann!!! Happy Birthday!

These things

Girl Scout Cookie season is over! Can I get an Amen?

I was in my first EVER mosh pit at Flogging Molly this week... Best night ever!

I believe in ghosts and on occasion see them.

Got to see my bestie last Friday. Can't wait for our next NKOTB night in July. I love her ridiculously a lot.

I don't chase after people when they leave my life anymore, they know where to find me if they want to come back.

Who wants to bunny/lizard/turtle sit for spring break?

Missing Marsi a lot lately. Life is unfair sometimes, and cancer really sucks.

Can you train an older dog?

Changes are coming in a lot of places in our lives, but I am looking forward to new adventures.

I always have this in my pocket.

Waterpolo started up again. I love that my boy found something he loves.

6th grade camp starts tomorrow... Nervous

Connor took his girlfriend to winter formal last week, he cleans up nice.

I get to see my favorite brother on Sunday!!! I'm excited!!!

Looking forward to our spring break road trip. Hoping the…

A serious issue in our society

My dear friends,

    Those of you who know me well, know that I don't really voice a lot of my political opinions,  I generally keep to myself my thoughts about current "hot button" issues.  However there comes a time in life when you have to take a stand. When a wrong MUST be righted, and INJUSTICE that I can no longer stand for.

  This happens every year, some years worse than others. People have some very strong opinions and things can become very volatile.. I am of course referring to GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON.

Yes friends it is that time again, and you are going to be faced with the very difficult decision of WHO to buy said delectable treats from.

Did you know that 1 in 9 consumers buy their cookies from Daisy and Brownie scouts. More then 8 billion cookies will be purchased from girl scouts ages 5-6. That leaves 8 kajillion girl scouts all vying for that last one percent of cookie consumers. * (*all statistics were completely made up by me)

Did anyone ever ONCE th…