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I'm bringing kindness back

When did kindness become old fashioned??? When did it become ok to just be rude? I marvel at this phenomenon every day. It’s just getting worse.
I’ve come very close lately to deleting all social media due to the negativity of it all just eating my soul. People who I love, respect, look up to just spewing venom about any group/ thought/ etc that does not emulate their own. It has seemingly become completely acceptable to tear apart anyone who disagrees with you in the name of equality.  Don’t believe me? On any sad news story, comment that you are praying for them…. Then wait… within moments you will be torn to shreds by people who don’t believe in God. These same people who claim Christians are hateful and discriminatory, but it’s ok to be hateful to them? Wait,  WHAT??!!!
The other day my daughter brought to me her “political swear jar” that she plans to put out at her graduation party. Anyone caught talking about the election has to donate to her college fun. Yes it was done in jest …