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It's important to have an accurate resume

Trying to find a "real" job after 16 years of having a "surreal" job, can be somewhat challenging.  I was talking to a friend about writing a resume, (something I have very little experience at) she said that the most important thing in a resume is making sure it is accurate and up to date...

SO here goes...

Amy Eagle
San Diego, CA

Key Skills:
Communication - Proficient at facebook, instagram, and facetime. Generally can not get out of a store, business, or school, without having a lengthy conversation with total strangers. Speaks fluent sarcasm, and developing skills in communicating with angst ridden teenagers.
Problem solving - Resolves in-depth queries in a methodical manner, can google search at a very impressive rate, has the ability to deal with van fires, heart breaks, gum in hair, stained uniforms, and scheduling conflicts... with a smile. (sorta)
Team Player - Can work with Satan himself (assuming he is capable of hemming pants and baking 6 d…

An open letter to my teenage daughter

My beautiful Paige,

I was once 14, and I do remember what it was like. Here are a few things that I wish I would have known/believed then...

I don't care what some angst ridden, spitefull, spoiled rotten brat thinks. So what if someone is taller, thinner, has blonder hair, or darker hair, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. You have a beauty that far outreaches any super model, you have a beautiful heart. You are an amazing child of God and your beauty shines regardless of the brand of jeans you wear.

Believe it or not, the things that feel like they are the end of the world right now won't even matter in 10 years, hell they won't matter in 10 weeks! It's hard to see past that right now, but know that a whole lot of amazing awaits you in life, and these teen years will be just one drop of water in the giant ocean that is your life.

Period. End of sentence. You're young, don't look too hard for &qu…

A quiet night at home

Today I was talking to a lady I have only known for a very short period of time, so she doesn't really know me or my kids.. I feel like I need to preface the story with that..

She was talking about her child and all their goings on, with this sport and that sport and this class and that class. I listened graciously (cause I totally can pull of gracious) and smiled and nodded.  She talked about practices and recitals, and then asked me what I had going on tonight. I said "my oldest has a band concert." To which she replied "That's it? LUCKY!, I wish I got a quiet night at home"

Again, CLEARLY she doesn't know my family. With the exception of my hubby, QUIET is not how we roll...

The bell rang at 11:40, I collected Garrett and Kaiden and Kyra, played a rousing round of the animal game ans arrived home a little after noon. The dogs had upended the trash can and eaten much of a box of crayons. The boys played video games while a very tired Kyra made her mom…

we hold these truths to be self evident

I am a kid whisperer.. little kids LOVE me... seriously.. they do! I can't walk 4 feet at Green without my fan club showing up.. I sorta love it!

When Garrett says his tummy hurts he means it (Ms.Bridges found that out the hard way, when he puked all over her class)

I have two of the best teenagers on the planet (even though they drive my loopy at times)

There is a ghost in my house, sometimes it doesn't let me wake up.

2 sick kids and 1 with a girl scout meeting, makes for a VERY quiet ride home from school.

I don't understand skylanders

The Tupac hologram video that was taken over the weekend at a Snoop Dog concert, has had me amazed all day.. Like seriously amazed.. Perhaps I amaze easily. BUT WOW

Tanner will be doing a solo at the band concert in May... so apparently there is ANOTHER band concert.  Connor has one on Wednesday night, and then there's spring fest... weeee

Writing out all the things that are going on this summer.. made me a little dizzy.  I have reall…

Letting go of the past

I've hit a odd spot in my life where I have been deeply analyzing everything in my life.  Call it getting older, growing, up, facing my children growing up, or just  going crazy. I have been questioning a lot of my  past choices. I have re-evaluated my religion, my relationships and also my past.

I like to think I am an easy going person, I think that may be true to a point.  I would like to think that I have a caring, loving, accepting heart... which is true to a point.  I also have that ugly monster called "grudge" that I carry around. I'm not even sure I realized it or ever accepted that fact until recently.

I don't generally hold grudges I think, but every now and then, there is a wound that goes so deep that I have a hard time letting it go.  Even when I tell myself and believe that I have.

I was faced this week with the fact that my reaction to an incident that happened when I was pregnant with Tanner forever altered not just my own, but my whole families pa…

because eating worms is gross..

I have been feeling sooooo just sad the last few days.  Mostly little things, that for whatever reason seem like big things, but really aren't in the big scheme of things.  So for no real reason or at least no good reason I have been a sad pittiful mess.  Soooo today despite the gloomy weather I tried to shift my focus, so here is a fabulous pictoral of my day, of...

(drum roll please)

My antique cookie jar collection

The carne asada I had for dinner
My beautiful friend Kristen who called me today at exactly when I needed someone, just to chat
How my dog sits on the couch to look out the window

This picture

The teapot my mom got me

This little bug that we get to hang out with (along with her super sweet brother) every day after school
The flowers from my hubby

My mantra "in control"

and on the seventh day he rested..

I have several religious theories that my mind has developed over the years. Or at least that my mind has further explored and added too..

One of which has been very prevalent in my mind lately.  I see friends suffering, I see illness, homelessness, debt, wars, natural disasters, and as a small minded human, I wonder why.  Where is God?  Obviously he knows, he's omniscient!  So why?

I'm sure you all know how the Bible begins (and if you don't go dust off your bible and read it.. seriously.. it's just a good idea) ... "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."  What was before the beginning?  God existed, just our world didn't.. so he created it. He created the heavens and earth, plants, animals, water, humans all that we see...  If you take the bible at literal value it took 7 days...

Often times people will say things like "in God's timing" or "God's timing is not our timing" If God's timing is different, wou…