we hold these truths to be self evident

I am a kid whisperer.. little kids LOVE me... seriously.. they do! I can't walk 4 feet at Green without my fan club showing up.. I sorta love it!

When Garrett says his tummy hurts he means it (Ms.Bridges found that out the hard way, when he puked all over her class)

I have two of the best teenagers on the planet (even though they drive my loopy at times)

There is a ghost in my house, sometimes it doesn't let me wake up.

2 sick kids and 1 with a girl scout meeting, makes for a VERY quiet ride home from school.

I don't understand skylanders

The Tupac hologram video that was taken over the weekend at a Snoop Dog concert, has had me amazed all day.. Like seriously amazed.. Perhaps I amaze easily. BUT WOW

Tanner will be doing a solo at the band concert in May... so apparently there is ANOTHER band concert.  Connor has one on Wednesday night, and then there's spring fest... weeee

Writing out all the things that are going on this summer.. made me a little dizzy.  I have really busy kids. We have Hume Lake Camp for the big kids, Summer school, Girl scout trip to Yosemite, VBS, I'm going to Detroit in July, and a family trip to Minnesota, and sending Paige (and possibly me) to Washington...  I need a nap just writing it out.

I can't wear earrings, I need to stop trying.. my ears hurt for days after I take them out.

I found a house to buy in AZ, wonder if it will still be available in two years??

Everything really does happen for a reason. If I have learned one thing in my life it is this.. EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT! When you're in the thick of it sometimes it's hard to see, but every bad thing, bump in the road, that I have ever crossed, has turned out ok. 

Smokey is too good for popcorn. Refuses to eat it. For a dog that eats dirty socks and crayons on a daily basis, apparently popcorn is beneath him.

I want to get zoo passes again.. I miss walking around the zoo.. it calms me.

This year's yearbook is going to be SOOOO super cool. (I may be a little bias)

I'm shrinking.. I went to the dr and they said I was 5'5 even... REALLY???  no fair


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