Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I support

Equality is the buzz word of today. You may have noticed many of these

on your Facebook and twitter feeds.

This afternoon amidst child retrieval, a friend asked me "what do you support?"

I don't usually espouse my political and religious beliefs, but here's what I support...

I support kindness, I support not being a douche. I support not judging people based on anything except the content of their character, looking passed a persons skin, gender, political choice, partner, height, weight, disease, job, level of education , and looking instead at the human, the person, the heart, the soul. I support examining your own-self and imperfections, before trying to pick apart what we believe are the imperfections of others. I support loving people, all people.

None of us get out of here alive, who has time for hate?

I don't want to be judged, so why would I pass judgement?

Here's another hot button issue, while I'm on a roll... I own a gun, I know how to use that gun, and I would strongly dissuade anyone from breaking into my house or threatening my children. I have many family and friends who don't agree with that, but love me anyway, and I return that love, unbiased, without prejudice.

I love my friends and family because I love who they are, they make me laugh, smile, think, try, succeed, hold me up, and knock me down when needed. Nothing else matters, black, white, right, left, gay, straight, man, woman, doctor, cab driver, tall, short, fat, skinny, WHO CARES?!?!?!!

What do I support? I support being nice. Period.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top 5

And now for more random brain vomit, my top 5's

Top 5 epiphanies
1- Crappy shizz happens, you can't control it, you CAN control how you react to it.

2- Happiness is a choice, if you rely on other humans to make you happy, you WILL ALWAYS be let down.

3 - "Little Red Corvette" by Prince...is NOT about a car! 0_0

4- Worrying will not, does not, cannot, change the outcome of anything.

5. I have awesome ( insane, erratic, filter free, sometimes anger inducing) kids, who are going to be adults far too soon. Don't miss a minute.

Top 5 questions asked in the Eagle house daily

1- What's for dinner?

2 - Have you seen my ID?

3- Who stole the ______?

4 - Where are my keys?

5- Can someone please call my phone?

Top 5 most bizarre Eagle injuries of all time

1 - Tried to relive my cheerleader days... Ruptured all the ligaments in my ankle.

2- Zipped lip in tent.

3 - Walked into fence... Lost 2 teeth.

4 - Garrett sprained ankle and bruised foot by slipping in dog vomit.

5- jumped THROUGH trampoline, dislocated knee.

Top 5 things we're doing over spring break

1- Not going to school or work!! Woooohooo

2- Going to Aztec NM to see a large section of the Eagle clan.

3 - Going to Tonopah to see my folks/ the bestest grand dog sitters!

4 - Spending a day or two in Flagstaff with my brother and his fabulous family. <3

5 - Grand Canyon

Top 5 recent things that make me happy

1- My hair looked awesome last Thursday.

2- Got Kaiden and Kyra back!

3 - Dixie bought our NKOTB tickets!! We're on the floor baby.

4- Got to spend the most amazing day in Disney with my family and my brothers family.

5- Its 8 a.m on a Saturday, and I'm still in bed.

Top 5 concerts I've been to ( my favorites) it was hard to narrow this down to 5. ( and I only put NKOTB once not all 5.. Be proud of me)

1 - Phil Collins (94)
2 - NKOTBSB (11)
3 - Flogging Molly (13)
4 - Weird Al (12)
5 - The Eagles (95)

Top 5 goals I'm currently working on

1 - Being healthier ( making my name NOT be synonymous with bacon)

2 - Being happier

3 - Throwing away all the crap I don't need.

4 - Get out of debt and buy a house <3

5 - Be a better wife, mom and friend.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ode to Jules

J is for journey, the one she's on to find her joy,
U is for unique always different never coy
L is for ludicrous, crazy, insane fun
E is for exciting, adventurous always on the run
S is for my sanity in the lack of hers she gives me some.

My friend Jules is amazing, I can't imagine life without her. Before I knew her I moshed less, drank less, and had WAY less fun.

Love you Julann!!! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

These things

Girl Scout Cookie season is over! Can I get an Amen?

I was in my first EVER mosh pit at Flogging Molly this week... Best night ever!

I believe in ghosts and on occasion see them.

Got to see my bestie last Friday. Can't wait for our next NKOTB night in July. I love her ridiculously a lot.

I don't chase after people when they leave my life anymore, they know where to find me if they want to come back.

Who wants to bunny/lizard/turtle sit for spring break?

Missing Marsi a lot lately. Life is unfair sometimes, and cancer really sucks.

Can you train an older dog?

Changes are coming in a lot of places in our lives, but I am looking forward to new adventures.

I always have this in my pocket.

Waterpolo started up again. I love that my boy found something he loves.

6th grade camp starts tomorrow... Nervous

Connor took his girlfriend to winter formal last week, he cleans up nice.

I get to see my favorite brother on Sunday!!! I'm excited!!!

Looking forward to our spring break road trip. Hoping the snow melts at the Grand Canyon soon.

I love my daughters friends, they made her birthday awesome!

I might be the funniest person I know... I'm kinda hilarious. Well I make myself laugh at least.