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What I support

Equality is the buzz word of today. You may have noticed many of these

on your Facebook and twitter feeds.

This afternoon amidst child retrieval, a friend asked me "what do you support?"

I don't usually espouse my political and religious beliefs, but here's what I support...

I support kindness, I support not being a douche. I support not judging people based on anything except the content of their character, looking passed a persons skin, gender, political choice, partner, height, weight, disease, job, level of education , and looking instead at the human, the person, the heart, the soul. I support examining your own-self and imperfections, before trying to pick apart what we believe are the imperfections of others. I support loving people, all people.

None of us get out of here alive, who has time for hate?

I don't want to be judged, so why would I pass judgement?

Here's another hot button issue, while I'm on a roll... I own a gun, I know how to use that …

Top 5

And now for more random brain vomit, my top 5's

Top 5 epiphanies
1- Crappy shizz happens, you can't control it, you CAN control how you react to it.

2- Happiness is a choice, if you rely on other humans to make you happy, you WILL ALWAYS be let down.

3 - "Little Red Corvette" by NOT about a car! 0_0

4- Worrying will not, does not, cannot, change the outcome of anything.

5. I have awesome ( insane, erratic, filter free, sometimes anger inducing) kids, who are going to be adults far too soon. Don't miss a minute.

Top 5 questions asked in the Eagle house daily

1- What's for dinner?

2 - Have you seen my ID?

3- Who stole the ______?

4 - Where are my keys?

5- Can someone please call my phone?

Top 5 most bizarre Eagle injuries of all time

1 - Tried to relive my cheerleader days... Ruptured all the ligaments in my ankle.

2- Zipped lip in tent.

3 - Walked into fence... Lost 2 teeth.

4 - Garrett sprained ankle and bruised foot by slipping in dog vomit.

5- jumped THROUGH t…

Ode to Jules

J is for journey, the one she's on to find her joy,
U is for unique always different never coy
L is for ludicrous, crazy, insane fun
E is for exciting, adventurous always on the run
S is for my sanity in the lack of hers she gives me some.

My friend Jules is amazing, I can't imagine life without her. Before I knew her I moshed less, drank less, and had WAY less fun.

Love you Julann!!! Happy Birthday!

These things

Girl Scout Cookie season is over! Can I get an Amen?

I was in my first EVER mosh pit at Flogging Molly this week... Best night ever!

I believe in ghosts and on occasion see them.

Got to see my bestie last Friday. Can't wait for our next NKOTB night in July. I love her ridiculously a lot.

I don't chase after people when they leave my life anymore, they know where to find me if they want to come back.

Who wants to bunny/lizard/turtle sit for spring break?

Missing Marsi a lot lately. Life is unfair sometimes, and cancer really sucks.

Can you train an older dog?

Changes are coming in a lot of places in our lives, but I am looking forward to new adventures.

I always have this in my pocket.

Waterpolo started up again. I love that my boy found something he loves.

6th grade camp starts tomorrow... Nervous

Connor took his girlfriend to winter formal last week, he cleans up nice.

I get to see my favorite brother on Sunday!!! I'm excited!!!

Looking forward to our spring break road trip. Hoping the…