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things that delighted me

Everyday I find things that make me smile, laugh, chortle, horrify, frustrate, ponder, but over all delight.  Here are some of the latest things that amuse me to the core of my being...

Knowing that the truth always comes out..

Going to the movies with my daughter.. then when asking her how she like the movie, her saying, "I liked it, except for the kissing parts".. to which I say "good!, no kissing boys".. to which she says, "there are no boys I want to kiss.., umm  well.. not most anyway"...  *gasp* eek where's my defibrillator??

Paige being as underhanded as her dear old mom.. (sniff sniff I'm so proud) we are heading home, and she says "can we stop for lunch", and I say "dad is at cooking dinner." to which she replies " I know, I just want to be too full to eat lamb" :) oh I love her.

VBS, simple as

My book that I'm writing, it's called "the almost life" , it's HILARIOUS! :) (ok so I'm on…