things that delighted me

Everyday I find things that make me smile, laugh, chortle, horrify, frustrate, ponder, but over all delight.  Here are some of the latest things that amuse me to the core of my being...

Knowing that the truth always comes out..

Going to the movies with my daughter.. then when asking her how she like the movie, her saying, "I liked it, except for the kissing parts".. to which I say "good!, no kissing boys".. to which she says, "there are no boys I want to kiss.., umm  well.. not most anyway"...  *gasp* eek where's my defibrillator??

Paige being as underhanded as her dear old mom.. (sniff sniff I'm so proud) we are heading home, and she says "can we stop for lunch", and I say "dad is at cooking dinner." to which she replies " I know, I just want to be too full to eat lamb" :) oh I love her.

VBS, simple as

My book that I'm writing, it's called "the almost life" , it's HILARIOUS! :) (ok so I'm only up to chapter 4, but trust me, it's funny.

Being told I should be a stand up comic.  This has been a life long dream of mine, so that unsolicited comment made my week!

Going to airtime with Tanner for a b-day party..  9 year old boys hopped up on sugar are always amusing.

Having my dear friends son for the week. VERY entertaining!

Realizing while checking out at Albertson's that I am two people behind our new youth pastor, so I hid my beer behind my dish soap, he already thinks I'm crazy, why make him think I'm an alcoholic too?? :)

Band aids that look like bacon!!  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my cousin's wife Heather?? well I DO! We are seriously the same person..

Connor's Ocarina.. it's just flappin cool!

Reconnecting with old friends, it's neat to see who you have become through their eyes.

Successfully completing two weeks of WW

Abandoning my farmville farm, and being scolded for doing so by fellow farmers. :)

Prioritizing my commitments, before I'm committed, for being so committed.

Garrett singing on stage this morning, (Paige and Tanner too of course) but Garrett made me laugh, he is SOOO Garretty

Sewing something for the first time in years. I'm not saying I'm going to start sewing again, but it was fun.

Learning from my mistakes, and being ok with making mistakes in the first place.

Shooting water at my husband through a straw at a restaurant.

Having a friend I can talk to about everything and knowing she never judges me, it's priceless.

Being a WOO

Trying to be the kind of friend that I would want to have.

Wondering what else I can mail sans box to my brother.. so far a ball and a coconut.. what else doesn't require a box?


Louchart45 said…
Don't send me Jell-o., boxed or unboxed.

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