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looking forward

I've spent a lot of time looking back.  Looking back at what I should have, or could have done.  Looking back wishing "if only I had said ____" or "If only I'd just done____" or "I really shouldn't have eaten that ____".  I am all done with looking back.  I can't change the past, I can just learn from my mistakes and look forward. SO I am focusing on looking forward....

I am looking forward to ......

Project runway starting on Thursday
VBS in August
Wendi's birthday on Friday
Getting my garage cleared out and decluttering my life
Shark Week
My hubby coming home, all be it briefly
Church beach bonfire
Coffee with my new friend
Yogurt with my old friend
Phone calls that bring far away friends closer
Bootcamp and Karate
Being skinny again
My kids learning to like each other
Playing Cirkis
Running with Smokey
The funny and amusing things that Garrett hasn't done yet
Adult conversation
Hanging out with friends
Spending time alone

The computer guru is OUT

I can check my email..

I can update facebook..

I can even blog (look I even do it sometimes)

but really that is pretty much where my expertise ends...

However I live in a world of delusion, where I convince myself that things that are generally too hard for me to tackle, are actually easy, a world where I'm pretty sure I should have a magic wand a tiara and a little baggy of fairy dust.. but I digress...

Generally speaking I go randomly plunging through the internet; downloading, excepting, clicking, on whatever pops up without usually reading things thoroughly.  Then my fabulous husband will swoop in a get rid of all the computer viruses and other random bad things I do to our computer on a daily basis.

Well currently Daniel is out to sea, so when the kids came to me a month ago and said "it's not working right, nothing is loading, the internet is not working"...  I said "let me call someone to fix it".... NOooooooooooooo of course not, I said.. "I go…