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Insane to Mundane, the happenings of my mind

I haven't blogged much lately, not for lack of things to say (obviously) but more lack of time, and cognitive thought.

So here are a few things that are on my mind (because really random compilations is what I do best)

I have been on this insane mission of self improvement for much of my life. I FINALLY realized that I need to improve the things that I feel will make me/my family ect better. I spent far too much life trying to be the person others wanted me to be, not the person I am. People who are truly my friends love me for me.

Once again I am on a weight loss kick... I so got this this time.. I'm determined, and tired of being round.

I love to sing, sadly I'm very bad at it.. Connor on the other hand hates to sing in front of people but is insanely GOOD at it.. seems wrong.

Apparently a dead ringer for Earnest Borgnine attends my church (or so says my son)

I really like my son's girlfriend. I think she's finally warming up to me and not as afraid of me, she&#…