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ten on Tuesday the combined addition

I missed my ten on Tuesday last week, so hear is my combined R and S list :)

10) Rabbits ( I love ours, all of them.. but especially Mr.Buns.. (Don't tell Simba and Lola)
Sleeping - Truly my favorite past time

9) Running - as in the exercise not as in running errands.
Silence - turns out it really is golden

8) Reminiscing - It's fun to "remember when"
Serenity - sometimes I long for it

7) Rolos

6) Renting movies

5) Rock n Roll - LOVE it, it soothes me
Singing - it is my zen

4) silliness

3) Staying in one place for 8 years (San Diego)

2) Sharing - with the ones you need to share all your inner most everythings with.
Romance - and the regaining of it before it was too late

1) Sunglasses- Even though now I have sunglass tan lines
RINDIE - I love her more than she could ever know. :)

Oh Janet Jackson how I feel your pain (Aka Amy's wardrobe malfunction"

As most of you know last Friday night was the "khaki ball".
(those of you who don't know what that is... Khaki ball = Navy function for the peeps who wear khakis, e7 and above)
As most of you also know .. Amy doesn't "do" command functions. However,
because it meant so much to my dear hubby, I attended said khaki ball.. and even wore a (hold on to your hats people) A DRESS.
Cute little black dress I found, not too clingy, just right. Cute shoes (Angela would be proud) .

So here's me getting ready


However that is about as much of the outfit my sweet readers will get to see.

You see, much to my chagrin, when I uploaded my pictures to my computer Saturday, I discovered that my dress was so sheer that the light , from oh say a camera flash.. made the dress COMPLETELY SEE THROUGH.

This was bad enough.. however, to compound this there were MANY pictures taken that night, by MANY other cameras... boy would I love to be a fly on the wall when Daniel goes to work…

What are YOU going to be for Halloween??

This was the hot topic in the car on our way to school yesterday morning.
Paige has decided on a butterfly because well butterflies are cool.

Tanner and Garrett were batting around numerous ideas. Currently "Wall-E" and "Batman" seem to be winning...

All good choices... Then Connor says ..

"Mom, can I be TOMMY CHONG?"

(uhhhhh WHAT???!!! ... )

me - "I think Party City is fresh out of "Tommy Chong" costumes.

Amy's day.. the choose your own adventure version.

Today I got up
a) at 6:00 as normal.
b) at 5:30 so I would have all kinds of time to get ready.
c) 10 minutes before we are supposed to leave the house.

On the way to school,
a) nothing exciting happened and we got there early.
b) I noticed that I was almost out of gas so we had to stop, making us even later.
c) the van was beamed straight to Pershing middle school by the starship enterprise.

On my way home
a) I got a call fro the school, telling me that Connor's lunch account has been being "accidentally" used by another student and he has burned through 30$ in 9 days.
b) I drove into a black whole.
c) I stopped to have tea with the queen.

Upon arrival home I found that Smokey had
a) up ended the trash can, eaten part of the sofa and half a box of crayons.
b) learned how to work the dishwasher.
c) grown a brain.

Then I was off to
a) the insane asylum to have myself committed.
b) coffee with Emmy.
c) see the wizard.

We had
a) coffee, chat and a quick stop to pick up 24 balloons.
b) to ask t…

Ten on Tuesday.. this week Q.. how quaint

10 quite quick q blessings

questmonger - who doesn't love a good inquest?

quatrefoil - beautiful, yet handy for Christmas

quaternion - mine are kids

quarion - handy during power outages

quacksalver - I fear I've seen several of these, but they brought me to where I am now.

quadragenarian - Which my brother will be quite soon.. and before me, which makes me smile. :)

quarrenden - not your average "Washington Red"

quidditative - I am me

quittance - one of the greatest gifts I ever received. Ahh the peace it brought.

quiet - how things are in my house ever Tuesday, and most days until 2:00 :)

(ok now go google most of my words.. you know you want to :))

7 years ago today

7 years ago - We had just moved to California.

7 years ago - I only had 3 kids.

7 years ago - Connor was in his first week of Kindergarten.

7 years ago - Everything changed.

7 years ago - I woke up to a different America.

7 years ago - I was afraid in my own home for the first time.

7 years ago - I was afraid of what the future held for my family, and all the military families around us.

7 years ago - I was in disbelief.

7 years ago - The sound of a plane brought tears to my eyes.

7 years ago - We spent the day not knowing the fate of Daniel's uncle.

7 years ago - We learned that the United States was vulnerable.

7 years ago - Patriotism and the love of country was struck into our hearts.

What has happened since then? What have YOU learned in the last 7 years?


So we made it barely a week into school before I got a call. (go Eagle kids) apparently yesterday at recess Tanner punched another kid. I talked to him.. I did tell him not to hit, but he didn't get "in trouble" as it were.

Here's the story...

Tanner and his cohorts were playing a game, another kid comes up and starts being mean to one of Tanners friends. Tanner sticks up for his friend, so now the mean little kids starts calling Tanner names and shoving him. Tanner first tried to walk away, then he started looking for a teacher. The mean little kid was just following him around during this calling him and his friends names, pushing him... then it happened.... He made fun of Tanner's glasses..

Tanner turned around and knocked him on his ass.

the offending phrase

"you little glasses wearer head".

On a side note, I was talking to our #2 in command (Miss Norma) at the school this morning. She said that she made the little bully kid come in the office a…

Can you hear that deafening silence?

So today I am alone.

I know what you are all thinking..


Last week as you all know Garrett started school. However, I had JoJo the little girl I watch everyday. So I was still busy. However today.. no JoJo.. kids are at school, and my house is the quietest I have ever heard it. I can hear the dog chewing.. EWWW

So here is the thing. I can't remember the last time I spent a day alone. I'm not sure it's happened since Connor was born. Now first off I don't go places much with out at least a kid or two in tow. Even when I am gone, generally I am with some one else. So NOT alone.

Daniel and I have never gone away with out the kids. I have been gone over night before, but it was to go to a wedding, or walk 60 miles, or be in labor.. not alone.

So here I sit alone.

I have many suggestions from my fab friends on what I could do... Organize, sew, clean, go to the gym, get coffee, watch a rated R movie, or my personal favorite.. go somewhere with narro…

Ten on Tuesday Pleased to present "P"

We are on to P.. (which is better than P being on us right? ba bump ching)

10) Pictures - my pictures , your pictures, blurry pictures, taking them, looking at them.. it's just good stuff.

9) Privacy - Which is rare in a house of 6, but so very appreciated.

8) Pickles - Close to the world's perfect food.. second only to bacon.

7) Pigs - that's where bacon comes from

6) People- well MOST people.. my people.. the people who get we through the day.

5) Planner - the thing that keeps you on track, and reminds you of where you are supposed to be.. I call mine "Angie".

4) Prayers - It's the only thing that gets you through most days.

3) Playing - Games, sports, music, you name it.. if the word PLAY proceeds it.. it's all good. :)

2) Provolone - yes it IS that good.

1) PAIGE! - One of the things that keeps my life so fabulous!!


The first day of school

I sit here still trying to figure out when these amazing little people grew. It baffles me that I now have a 7th grader, a 5th grader, a 2nd grader and a kindergartner. GASP GASP! Yes a kindergartner. :( I left a small chunk of my heart at Green Elementary School today. I almost didn't make it both there and back. This is the first time in almost 13 years that I have not had my kids at home with me.

I am so very proud of them. Garrett had a great first day of school. While he is off experiencing all of his firsts.. First day at kindergarten. First new friends. (Not the mommy hand picked kind) First full day away. First school lunch.

I'm at home experiencing a whole lot of lasts.

I am no longer the mom of babies.

Here is a bonus pic. Actually two. The first is The first day of school last year. The second is the first day of school this year. When did Connor get so freakin big!?


Oh Oh the O's!!

Ten fabulous things that I am thankful for all beginning with the letter O.

10) Olive the other reindeer - By far the best Christmas Cartoon (of the newer type stuff)

9 ) Oranges - They are both yummy and nice smelling

8) Orders - The ones that brought us here

7) Oreos - I know a lot of my fellow bloggers have been thankful for them today.. but they are just that yummy.

6) Oddness - Which happens to be my way of being. Embrace you oddity!

5) Ornaments - The ones I get my kids each Christmas.

4) O.K. - and the state of being such.

3) Oatmeal - Warm yummy goodness

2) Ompaloompas - The ones form the original movie of course, not the cheesey re-make.

1) Obscure - As in obscure references that my friends actually get. :) I.E. He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny