Oh Janet Jackson how I feel your pain (Aka Amy's wardrobe malfunction"

As most of you know last Friday night was the "khaki ball".
(those of you who don't know what that is... Khaki ball = Navy function for the peeps who wear khakis, e7 and above)
As most of you also know .. Amy doesn't "do" command functions. However,
because it meant so much to my dear hubby, I attended said khaki ball.. and even wore a (hold on to your hats people) A DRESS.
Cute little black dress I found, not too clingy, just right. Cute shoes (Angela would be proud) .

So here's me getting ready


However that is about as much of the outfit my sweet readers will get to see.

You see, much to my chagrin, when I uploaded my pictures to my computer Saturday, I discovered that my dress was so sheer that the light , from oh say a camera flash.. made the dress COMPLETELY SEE THROUGH.

This was bad enough.. however, to compound this there were MANY pictures taken that night, by MANY other cameras... boy would I love to be a fly on the wall when Daniel goes to work tomorrow.
(actually.. no I wouldn't)


Missy Shell said…
That's one of the funniest things I've heard all weekend!!! :-)
Angela said…
Oh, Amy. I am SO sorry. SOOOOO sorry. Nate wants to know if Justin Timberlake was there and if there is any way you could blame it on him? He also says you'll probably now receive more invitations to parties. =^) But the good thing is you have your sense of humor. (I. am. so. sorry.) And, yes, I am proud of the shoes!
Thany said…
I am torn between laughter (as well as forwarding this story to everyone I know) and total sadness for you.

I admire your sense of humor about it...and about everything. I also admire your ability to weave a yarn that produces a good giggle on a Sunday night.

Love you.
Sharon said…
Oh you poor girl!! I am sure you looked AMAZING. You will have to take new pictures but with a slip on this time!!!
Crayl said…
You look wonderful. Your hair is so long, your face looks thin too...HOW sheer? In normal light it looked solid, right? SO only those that took photos will know? So sorry. It is kinda funny too though. Life is an adventure.
Misty said…
ohhh... you poor, poor thing!

I loved your comment about the Swap I'm hosting and I do hope you decide to join! I'm really excited to use this month to lift up and bless women and we bloggers are so fortunate to be able to reach across such great distances to do so.
*emmy said…
Oh no! I am torn between wanting to giggle and giving you a big hug. I am so sorry. Oh Amy I hope the khaki ball doesn't have a newsletter with your picture in it....aiy,aiy,aiy.
Jan said…
OMG! If any of the pictures show show up in my email, i'll let ya know!!

But maybe it's not as bad as you thought? ....maybe??

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