The first day of school

I sit here still trying to figure out when these amazing little people grew. It baffles me that I now have a 7th grader, a 5th grader, a 2nd grader and a kindergartner. GASP GASP! Yes a kindergartner. :( I left a small chunk of my heart at Green Elementary School today. I almost didn't make it both there and back. This is the first time in almost 13 years that I have not had my kids at home with me.

I am so very proud of them. Garrett had a great first day of school. While he is off experiencing all of his firsts.. First day at kindergarten. First new friends. (Not the mommy hand picked kind) First full day away. First school lunch.

I'm at home experiencing a whole lot of lasts.

I am no longer the mom of babies.

Here is a bonus pic. Actually two. The first is The first day of school last year. The second is the first day of school this year. When did Connor get so freakin big!?



Anonymous said…
You are so right! When DID Connor get so freakin' big?
Anonymous said…
BTW that last comment was from Grandma Lynne
Missy Shell said…
They do grow up fast, don't they???
Dixie Lloyd said…
Crazy! How did Connor get so big? And you are welcome to take my little guys whenever you want. Especially after I have had a long day of "stop hitting/kicking/pinching/scratching your little brother!" lol
*emmy said…
Yes, that is the same question I have been asking myself too! When DID they get so big? All of our babies are growing up so fast.

Wow, no kids at home, enjoy the silence =^).

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