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Seven days of torture , seven days of bitter

ok.. so not really.. but kick ass title don't you think?

So I am now on my third draft of this blog.  Initially I wrote out all the things that have happened in the last few days and MAN did it sound SOOOO depressing.  I certainly don't want to sound sad..  I'm not.  So let me change up the slant of this a bit

Sometimes bad things happen, things we can't control. People you love move, things break, pets become ill, people let you down, relatives pass away, and sometimes you come under attack for just being yourself, but that's life. You can't control the curve balls that life throws, but here are some things you can control:

- This is your choice, yours alone.  People can be total turd munchkins, but don't let them steal your joy.  Hold on to happiness.  My beloved Aunt Pat recently passed away and I can honestly say she leaves a void in my heart, she helped form me into the person I am and for that I am forever grateful. Her passing has also f…

more brain vomit

Questions that I've had to answer an oddly high number of times this week.. so here are all my answers...

Yes they are all mine
No I'm not cold
I'm not hurt I just walk like this sometimes
I don't know where your shoes are
You have to do your homework first
No one named Stephanie Lemmins does now or has ever lived here


other random thoughts...

I'm proud of my kids for trying new things even when they don't succeed

You can only put so much stock in other people

I love having friends I can depend on

I'm already kinda over the whole gil scout cookie thing

The band sent me a bill

We are going to buy a new car hopefully soon.

I offend way too easily

Starbucks and lovely friends is a good way to start my day

The Trails is yummy

I like my house, it's cute, but I am looking forward to moving out of housing

One of my dearest friends is about to have a baby, I'm over the moon excited

Another is about to move and I'…