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What's been happening in my brain

We are less than 60 days till graduation. I have so much to do.. So much to process.. I've decided to have Connor's party at my house... Eeeeek

Teenagers are weird. I remember being a teenager.. I don't remember being weird.

It's never okay to say mean things. If a "joke" is hurtful.. Best to keep it to yourself. That's true at any age.

Our lives are changing. We will most likely be retiring from the Navy within a year. I go from excited, to terrified and back again. Pray for us as we enter this next adventure.

I have accumulated A LOT of shit in the last 14 years!! I have a lot of culling to do. Anyone wanna come help? :)

If you want a fabulous Connor graduation announcement, please message me your mailing address.

I made some pretty amazing kids, and I am so super proud of all of them. They aren't perfect, but they are pretty darn awesome, I'm a pretty lucky mama.

Someday I won't worry about money.. Someday I'll actually make it from payday t…