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I figured it out!!!

Connor's unwillingness to cut, trim, ect his hair...

He's channeling Johnny Ramone!!!

Now I just need to teach how to play "I wanna be your boyfriend"

N in all it's niftynesss

Ten N's that make me happy in no order

10) Nice people

9) Nilla wafers

8) Naps

7) Nectarines

6) Notting Hill

5) Nights

4) Navy

3) Napster

2) Noggin


Do you smell something burning??

So my eldest dear child, went off to camp with the youth group from our church. Sunday morning I was woken by my cell phone. I had a picture message from afore mention eldest child. I open it up ad see this...

Now imagine this in tiny cell phone size accompanied by foggy morning brain..

I looked.. I focused... I FINALLY realized what it was..

Now trying to sit up right and focus, knocking over bedside table and nearly smothering the dog with the pillow. I text Connor back...

*m - uh Connor, what happened to your shoe?

A moment later the phone rang. After getting soaking wet, my dear son apparently (who is quite smart I swear.. I've seen his report cards) decided that he wanted to accelerate the drying process of his soaking wet shoes. So he figured the closer he placed them to the fire, the faster they would dry.

They caught on fire.. (who would have seen THAT coming? .. you can all put your hands down)

So I tell him that I was happy his foot wasn't in it, and I had gotten hi…

Baby sitting age

At what age did you start babysitting? Or more importantly, at what age will you let your kids start babysitting? Connor is 12, and is getting increasingly annoyed when we get a babysitter to watch him and his siblings. I know I was babysitting for our neighbor when I was 12.. but I keep telling myself it's different somehow. I guess the problem is that even though this is Connor now...

When I look at him all I see is

The move over

Goodnight I can't handle the peer pressure! :) I am moved.. I have moved.. I have lept over....

I'm putting my "M" post on here, as soon as I figure out how.. and shalt be bloggithing here in the future. (Bethany is suddenly jealous that I made up the word "bloggithing" before she did.. admit it :) )

The format is a bit more user friendly.. now someone show me how to link to all your blogs on the sidebar.. :)

M is for Mr. Munchy Mouth

MMMMMMMMMM All things that are MMMMM that make me :)

10) Mork and Mindy

9) Monster Mean Bean

8) Movies

7) My mom

6) Muana pua

5) Mysteries

4) Macadamia Nuts

3) Mud puddles

2) Mint 3-Musketeers

1) Marriage (mawidge is what bwings uf togever todayy.. mawidge that bwessed awwangementt...)