Sunday, July 22, 2012


A week ago, one of the strongest women I've ever had the honor of knowing, passed from this life and onto the next. Marsi White was the epitome of strength. Her nearly 3 year battle with cancer, proved that time and time again. She always had a positive attitude, met it head on. In part that is why I never for one moment thought that she wouldn't beat it. Her strength gave the people around her strength. I will never say goodbye, because I know I will see her again one day in heaven, but it doesn't help the hurt that everyone who loved her feels now.  I believe however that even in death she is giving strength to those who loved her.

I was in Michigan for my cousin's wedding when Marsi passed on. I got to thinking about how blessed I was to have her in my life, as I looked around me, I realized that I also pull strength from the amazing women in my family. I am so lucky to have been surrounded, raised, loved, by some of the most amazing, strong women on the planet.

My mom for one. If you ever find yourself facing disaster of cataclysmic portions.. you want my mom there. (Just don't be late for dinner) :) She has a calm under pressure that I admire and aspire to have.  She fought breast cancer and won, she raised ME and survived! (someone get the woman a medal!)

My cousin Stacy, I look up to her so much. (Yes I'm older), single mom, kicked cancers ass REPEATEDLY and still is stubborn, rude, crude, and all the things I love in a person! She is funny, she is fun, she has a sorta tough exterior, but don't let her fool you, she has a squishy twinkie filling center.

My cousin Bridget,  For being so young (ok 25) the girl is a rock star. She lost her mom when she was 12,  and at that young age was suddenly dealing with very grown up life matters, she helped take care of her siblings and her dad when his health was not the best. If she was an angry, bitter young woman, I don't think anyone would ever blame her, but she's not!. She sweet, kind, giving, and always puts people first. She loves you as soon as she meets you, and I am in awe of her.

My Aunt Kate, From the youngest time I can remember, and still true today, if I am sad, hurt, ect, in anyway.. I want my Aunt Kate. She makes me feel better. She loves unconditionally, I know she always here for me (even when miles separate) She is my go to Aunt, always has been. She's firm, she don't take no shit outta nobody! ;)...  but like Stacy she's ooey gooey inside.. :)

and tons tons more...  I know that I am strong, because how can't I be with all of these amazing women in my corner. I am truly truly blessed...

and to all of you, you will never know how very much I love, appreciate, and am blessed to know you.

Friday, July 6, 2012

this and that

I haven't blogged in a while, I guess I have't had anything horribly interesting to report.. ok I don't now either.. but who am I kidding I just like to talk (type, express myself) :)

We had a great 4th of July.  We were at the fair, so we did not get to see the BIG BAY BOOM BUST, however the name is really catchy and for this reason alone, I am a little sad we missed it.  However we were at the fair, we found the giraffe Tanner made in school, we saw real fireworks that lasted more than 11 seconds, AND we saw Weird Al!! Ok ok, I know what you're thinking.. seriously.. I haven't had this much fun in a while. He was hilarious! My kids all loved it! CONNOR EVEN SMILED!! I think he even laughed a few times.

As my kids get older, a whole new set of fears and firsts are upon me, for this reason, I've come up with a sure fire way to skip all this teen dating stuff and heartbreak. ARRANGED MARRIAGES!!  I picked out girls for all my boys (I need to start making some phone calls, to work out the details.. I"m looking at you Hall, Wright, and Cook families :)), and I am pretty sure I can come up with two chickens and a cow as dowry for Paige.. any takers??

For three days only I WILL BE IN DETROIT (and the surrounding Metropolitan area) I'll be there to watch my (not so little anymore) cousin get married, and I am so very excited.

VBS is a stones throw away. It's kinda weird this year, I'm not as integral as I have been in the past. Very much looking forward to it though. It's odd, when I started helping I was pregnant with Garrett, Tanner was too young to go, and Paige and Connor were going into Kindergarten and second grade... Now this is Tanner's last year he'll get to be in it. Connor and Paige help run teams and rec, and Garrett is going into the 4th grade, it's super weird because I haven't gotten any older.. yet they keep growing up.

I am constantly finding out new things that makes me SURE that we picked the right school for Tanner. I am also learning to let go of him a little. I MAY tend to baby Tanner a little... I'm not saying that I DO, I'm just saying I MAY (a teansy bit)... he's growing up though, and is really maturing (whether I want him to or not)

I have been looking for life's rewind button, looks like there isn't one. Seize the day my friends, we don't know what tomorrow brings, or if tomorrow will even come. Hug your kids a little tighter, tell your friends and family you love them every chance you get. Don't live with regrets, don't harbor bitterness towards anyone. Let go, move on, live, love, never look back.