Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inspired Randomness

My brother inspires me, even if he's a little odd sometimes.

I cry more lately.

My current medicinal therapy consists of tea and yoga, and I have no plans to change that anytime soon.

I don't watch T.V much, I have a hard time keeping up with series.

I have never excelled in any one thing, but there are a few things I fake well.

I truly, truly LOVE bacon!

One of the biggest regrets I have, is not keeping in better touch with my cousins and extended family.

I dye my blonde hair blonde.

Mark Brunetz might be the coolest person on the planet. (quite possibly)

Sports have become much more central in my life, much more so than I ever expected they could be.

Donnie Wahlberg touched me. (It was kinda a big deal) :) *currently trying to plot out my next NKOTB concert* MUST .... GET .... IN FIRST.... ROW!!!

I bought Saturn of the planet men today. I already have one for my nephew.. but it was on sale for 3 $, so now I have 2.

I wish I had roses growing in my yard, but am afraid my dog would dig them up.

Sometimes I should speak up more, but sometimes I should speak up less.

I think I would have made a good lawyer or forensic scientist.. the world will never know.

Oreos make me happy.

Being caffeine free isn't as horrible as it sounds.

Praying fuels my day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because we are military wives

We spend 4 hours with our husbands in a uniform shop, followed by two hours looking for the right size of boot, because any time together right before a deployment is still time together.

We try not to take the little things for granted for they become the biggest things when we don't have them any more.

We stand in tears on piers, and are comforted and comfort women we've never met, because we all are feeling the same way.

We cringe a little when people say "your so strong" because inside we are dying.

We put on a strong face for our kids, so we can dry their tears, and calm their fears, and hide away that we have the same ones.

We sleep alone most of the time, we worry, we cry, and we get up the next day and face life head on.

We try to smile and brush it off, when people who don't know any better tell us how lucky we are because of all the "benefits."Medical, housing et al.. Not having to pay for a physical really doesn't make up for all the missed Christmases and birthdays, and first steps, and first words.

We don't do it because we are tough, or can handle it. It doesn't get easier the more they deploy. We do it because we have to, because we have no other choice.

We don't watch the news, because sometimes we don't want to know. We know how scary the world is, but sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

We take it day by day, sometimes hour by hour, but we take it., and we MAKE IT

... because we are MILITARY WIVES

and we pretty much rock!

Monday, April 13, 2009


It never seems to fail.

I go shopping.. doesn't matter where.. just out shopping. Having myself a grand ol' time, whether it be shopping for groceries or things a lot more fun than that, shopping. Shopping is great, until....

I leave the confines of the store/mall etc, and head to the parking lot only to have NO clue WHAT-SO-EVER where my fricken frackin car is!! NONE! No idea at all, good thing I have a green mini-van, cause THOSE aren't common!

So then I embark on the mission of trying to find my car. I try the nonchalant approach at first, strolling with purpose down an isle as if I know exactly where I am going. This process is generally complicated by a car following me to get "my spot", so then I have to feign forgetfulness, "OOPS, (looking around frantically) must have left something in the store."

It's back to the store to "retrieve" non-existent lost item, and try the car finding ruse once more. This time I try the more distracted approach. (This works best if you make a pretend call on your cell phone) then you can wander around looking for your car, but of course you can't find it because you are so enthralled in the amazing conversation you are having on the phone. This tactic only works for a short period of time, and can be easily foiled if someone happens to call you while you are on your fake call. YES this HAS happened to me before.

Then finally when all hope is lost, and my arms are about to fall off from toting around the 8ft area rug I just purchased (hypothetically speaking of course) I wave my arm high above my head frantically pushing the "panic" button on my key and then listening for the horn to go off. As I am wandering around trying to play a giant game of "Marco - Polo", I realize I didn't bring my van, I drove Daniel's car.. it has no alarm.. and it's getting dark...

hypothetically speaking of course.