Inspired Randomness

My brother inspires me, even if he's a little odd sometimes.

I cry more lately.

My current medicinal therapy consists of tea and yoga, and I have no plans to change that anytime soon.

I don't watch T.V much, I have a hard time keeping up with series.

I have never excelled in any one thing, but there are a few things I fake well.

I truly, truly LOVE bacon!

One of the biggest regrets I have, is not keeping in better touch with my cousins and extended family.

I dye my blonde hair blonde.

Mark Brunetz might be the coolest person on the planet. (quite possibly)

Sports have become much more central in my life, much more so than I ever expected they could be.

Donnie Wahlberg touched me. (It was kinda a big deal) :) *currently trying to plot out my next NKOTB concert* MUST .... GET .... IN FIRST.... ROW!!!

I bought Saturn of the planet men today. I already have one for my nephew.. but it was on sale for 3 $, so now I have 2.

I wish I had roses growing in my yard, but am afraid my dog would dig them up.

Sometimes I should speak up more, but sometimes I should speak up less.

I think I would have made a good lawyer or forensic scientist.. the world will never know.

Oreos make me happy.

Being caffeine free isn't as horrible as it sounds.

Praying fuels my day.


Brown-Eyed Girl said…
I've been caffeine free too for a few weeks! It's not that bad at all.

This was a fun list to read = ) .
Louchart45 said…
I like this post, but I'm not odd. I'm even.

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