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I'm not offended

I think life in general would be so much easier to navigate if we all collectively agreed to stop getting offended and lashing out so damn easy.

We are all human, we are all on the same path, the same life journey, and if we stop judging and making each other feel bad about who they are, how much greater will the journey be for all of us?

So here is me

I don't run (often)
I don't eat organic
I love greasy food
I'm not skinny
I drive too fast
I love beer
I like guns
I swear too much
I forget birthdays
I don't spank my kids
I don't punish for bad grades
I sometimes am dangerously close to helicopter status
I'm not June Cleaver
I'm a Christian
I'm not a big fan of the current POTUS
I believe in ghosts
I'm straight
I'm really smart
I'm extroverted and pretty loud

I'm not offended if you do/don't/aren't/ are. I will never put you down even if you do everything the exact opposite of me. It's who you are, and I love all the things that make you who yo…