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The best laid plans..

I recently let Connor set up a facebook. (don't worry grandma I keep close tabs on it).. anyhoo... Connor has been sucked into the world of farmville. He comes home from school and as soon as he is done with his homework, he wants to harvest his pumpkins and check on his cows. He has become obsessed with decorating and getting all the cool stuff you can get on farmville. Well this takes farmville cash.. wish accumulates very slowly.. Connor does not do SLOWLY very well.

Connor - " Mom I got 52 farmville dollars"
me - "how?"
C - "oh just filling out surveys and stuff"
M - (suspiciously) "that doesn't usually work buddy, you aren't putting any personal info in there are you?"
C - "nope mom, I figured out a way to trick the system"
M - "buddy, I better not wind up with a bunch of computer viruses or random bills"
C- "trust me!"

Today Smokey received his first issue of "Car and Driver"