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Birthday randomness

It's raining, I hope it rains more. I miss rain.

I have a hard time celebrating on my birthday. It has nothing to do with me thinking I am old. I don't think I am old I think I'm 16! (my body knows better though) I am however getting to a point where I am able to seperate me as the person from the events of today.

If I have lied to you about my age at any time, please know this was accidental, I seem to usually default to 32, so I guess I stopped aging then.

I have recently been re-evaluating what I believe, believe in, and why I believe it. I certainly think we are the champions of our destiny. The only way for things to change, is to change them.

Bacon cake is good. Call me crazy but chocolate bacon cake is the wave of the future!

I am so blessed by my friends. Between Angie (who would be here in 5 seconds if I needed her, because she is awesome like that ) and my PTA Green girls, I was able to cover everything I need for my boys while Paige is in the hospital, in abou…

My solemn hair vow

I Amy Eagle (raises right hand) on this 11th day of November, 2009,

do solemnly swear to never ever under any circumstances EVER do anything to my hair, apart from brushing and washing it. I being one who does not learn from past mistakes, and insists on trimming, cutting, dying my own hair on random whims.. never again shall! Never, no never!

I will not do this

or this

never again will I do this

and certainly not this..

I solemnly swear on all my hair, may it forever be soft, flowing and healthy. I do thee swear.

(even though my amazing and fabulous friend Ally, went into work today on a day she had off, because I was a complete dunce, and dyed my hair greyish green..)

and she made me look like this

Amazing! :)

Middle child syndorme? fact or fiction..

Tanner, the love of my life Tanner, is also the middle child of our family. I know what you are all thinking.. "Wait don't you have two middle children?", and while technically yes Paige would also fall into that category, she is the only girl and therefor the princess of the world, so really the rule doesn't apply to her. I digress...

As a parent I have often poo pooed the idea of the very existance of "middle child syndrome". However as Tanner gets older, he is seemingly having a greater issue coping with life. Third grade seems to be giving him a run for his money. Losing. losing in general is BAD. It doesn't matter WHAT it is that we lose at, sports, awana competition, checkers, running race.. a loss usually sends Tanner spiraling to the ground in a heap of tears.

Now I know one of the "symptoms"( if you will) of this "syndrome" is not having a sense of belonging, which leads to sadness and reclusion. I treat all my kid…

Smokey the wonder genius rides again

Meet Smokey

Smokey spends his days chaising his tale, being afraid of everything that moves, and growling at his feet. Smokey eats walls, doors, and random crayons. He runs into walls, barks at boxes, his tail, random furniture. Smokey also enjoys locking himself in every room in the house on a daily basis, by pushing the door shut with his nose.

This is my dog. He is very fluffy, very pretty dog. He is good with kids, very gentle....

and he just spent the last 15 minutes repeatedly getting his head stuck under the dining room chair, crying till I freed him, then shoving it under there again.

Yep he's a smart one.

I have figured out my problem

I grew up skinny. RAIL thin skinny.. no really I swear I have pictures to prove it.. ask show Low people.. I was a twig. So my twig life ended somewhere around the birth or rather conception of Tanner. I gained weight LOTS of weight.

I have struggled and yo-yo'd and have gone up and down so much in the last few years my pants have whiplash (and stress fractures)

I finally figured out what my problem is.


I love ALL food. there really isn't many foods I won't eat. So now I am looking for this crazy thing called will power.. let me know if you see some.

There's that one..

I am always at a loss as to if Garrett is serious, or just messing with me. The kid can say anything completely deadpan.. so you just are never really sure.

Case in point - A few weeks ago on our way to school Tanner decided to start pointing out "Halloween Houses", so quickly Garrett chimed in pointing out people's decorations. "look at the pumpkin" or "hey a giant spider!" We had just finished dropping off the big kids, and were headed around the corner towards the elementary school, when Garrett points and says "There's that one." Tanner and I turn to look and see a completely empty yard, void of anything, including living grass. " Uhh Garrett, there isn't anything in that yard" To which Garrett replies "DUH the creepy dead guy standing on the lawn." *cricket, cricket* .. then he looks at me and says "well I guess you missed him."

The next day, after dropping the big kids off, Tanner is chilling …

Ten on Tuesday

Haven't done one of these in many moons.. so here is my weekly top ten of things that inspired, made me laugh, blessed, confused, or just randomly popped into my head this week..

10) Hospitals smell weird. I mean I know they are sterile and all.. but seriously could not sleep because of the weird aroma.. maybe that was just me. :)

9) I like using big words. I try to throw a few every chance I get.. this weeks favorite is honorificabilitudinitatibus, so don't be surprised if I throw it at ya at some point.

8) I am ok not having caffeine... decaff isn't bad... it isn't good either, but it isn't bad.

7) I miss my brother. He should come visit me.

6) Garrett is HILARIOUS! I don't even know half the time if he is trying to be serious, or just messing with me.. but that kid cracks me up!

5) Sometimes it really is better to say nothing at all.

4) Had all day Monday just me and my hubby. It was FABULOUS

3) Crayons don't really like dryers.. or maybe it's dryers tha…

Sailors, and Tigers, and oceans OH MY

Two weeks ago Connor set off on a journey to Hawaii and then off to Tiger cruise aboard the USS Ronald Reagan with his dad. It was such a great experience for Connor and Daniel as well. He got to see Daniel a full week before the rest of us, and got a little taste of ship life. He had a great time, but doesn't think the Navy life is for him. :)

While going through the camera after Connor got home, I realized, I think I have a budding photographer on my hands. Now I can't take good pictures to save my life, so what do I know, but man some of the pictures he brought back were pretty awesome!

Enjoy. :)

NABLOPOMO??? Oh sure why not!

Ok so I haven't been as blogalicious lately as I have been in the past. However for the past three or so yearsish I have participated in National blog posting month, or NABLOPOMO. Basically you blog everyday and have the chance to win a prize. WHY do I do this? Not sure if it's because of my enormous amount of free time, or my complete lack of brain cells, but either way I seem to think it's fun! :)

So here I go. I can't guarantee I will be witty, charming, or amusing, but I will try.

To start of this lovely month of blogging, I will show you pictures of my really cute kids on Halloween.. :)


bonus points if you can guess what Connor's costume is.

The best laid plans..

I recently let Connor set up a facebook. (don't worry grandma I keep close tabs on it).. anyhoo... Connor has been sucked into the world of farmville. He comes home from school and as soon as he is done with his homework, he wants to harvest his pumpkins and check on his cows. He has become obsessed with decorating and getting all the cool stuff you can get on farmville. Well this takes farmville cash.. wish accumulates very slowly.. Connor does not do SLOWLY very well.

Connor - " Mom I got 52 farmville dollars"
me - "how?"
C - "oh just filling out surveys and stuff"
M - (suspiciously) "that doesn't usually work buddy, you aren't putting any personal info in there are you?"
C - "nope mom, I figured out a way to trick the system"
M - "buddy, I better not wind up with a bunch of computer viruses or random bills"
C- "trust me!"

Today Smokey received his first issue of "Car and Driver"

Lessons life has taught me, and other observations

Sometimes "NO" is an acceptable answer.

Don't cut people off in traffic, and if someone cuts you off.. don't flip them the bird.. because maybe just maybe they were having a rough day, and the kids were fighting, and they dropped their phone into a thirstbuster, and just for a second was distracted.. I'm just sayin...

Bad things happen, don't let them define you.

Get the "great wall of chocolate" at P.F. changs, you know you want to.

Have a "Yes" day with your kids. Just don't tell them when it is.

Know then names of all your kids teachers.

No one can hurt you, unless you let them. A wise woman once said "choose not to be offended".

Treasure your relationships, but don't let any of them become your "Jesus".

Nap every chance you get.

Love BIG.

Don't forget to be polite. It goes so far!!

Smile, let the old lady sitting on a phone book to drive, back out of the Albertson's parking lot before you, seriously you proba…

Amy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

One day Amy woke up and thought "Today will be a great day!" Ok so she didn't really think that, she really beat her alarm clock with the closest thing to her hand and muttered something about it being "evil to have soccer at 8:00 a.m. on the last day of summer vacation." I digress..

Much to her chagrin, her face didn't work. I know what your are all thinking.. Amy has gone mad, no no, the right side was out of sync with the left.. interesting... and I spent all of Paige's soccer game pretty much just talking to Angie, she's used to weird things happening around me.

That's ok Amy thought.. (upon returning home) Today will still be a great day!

*sniff sniff* Quickly Amy was alerted to the smell of death surrounding her house. Animals.. CHECK all is well.. Sink.. CHECK, nothing decaying.. ewww what is that smell. "MOM" Connor says.. "I think it's coming from outside".. I go outside.. EWW EWW.. " It smells like it&…

Some things you would think would be harder to lose..

Today during the dance of a thousand soccer practices, I found myself loitering over by the water fountain at the YMCA.

Located directly next to said water fountain is the lost and found. Now generally, I probably wouldn't have even batted an eye walking past, but one of the items just sorta stood out.

Now amidst the sports practices and camps going on several scenerios presented themselves in my mind.

mom- "You are sure you have everything?"
kid -" yep!"
(several hours later)
kid - "mom I can't find my bar stool!!"
mom - "I asked you to make sure you had everything!"


wife comes home from working out.. throws keys across table...
"oh man.. HONEY!! I need to run back to the Y, I left my bar stool!!""
husband - "AGAIN??? That's the third time this week!"

criminally dusty

So last Wednesday we went and spent a lovely day at Legoland with lovely friends. It was nice, it was fabulous, it was a long day. :)

We get home, ready to fall into a shower and some dinner.. (or maybe the other way around) and what am I greeted with?? The fine fine rent-a-cops here at Lincoln Property Management (the people who own our housing) left me a ticket on Daniel's car.

I quickly check the tags, nope I'm current. Flat tire? Nope, so it's not a disabled vehicle. No red curbs.. no "no parking" signs. I grab the "ticket" and quickly scan to the reason of my infraction.

Apparently my high crime is I have a criminally DIRTY car. Yes, the fine"pretend police" (as my kids call them) ticketed me for having a dirty car.

Now to make this story even MORE delightful. I go to unlock the door to my house and there is a notice on my front door from Lincoln that states that due to the current water shortage here in sunny California, I am NOT ALLO…

Blessings and randomness

Things that blessed me this week/and other random thoughts

Spending three hours on the back porch talking to someone who cares a lot more then I ever realized.

Time sitting in my living room yesterday talking and letting kids run and plan, for having 6 kids in the house it was oddly relaxing.

My friend who will be here at the drop of a hat anytime I call her.. and man do I call her a lot! :) (She usually has my daughter more than I do!!) :)

All the "kinks" working out, and in fabulous amazing ways that I never could have planned.

Losing 4lbs.

My amazing kids, who always find a reason to make me smile.

Beach days

Watching Garrett play t-ball!

Having A/C in my house, I like to set it on "arctic"

Lucy hugs. (I feel like a rock-star every time I see her)

free Padre tickets

My WHOLE family is coming out this weekend! Starting tomorrow my parents get here, then everyone else on Saturday!

Finally selling the iguana cage for cash. However I did appreciate the trade offers, and as much …

20lbs in twenty days

This is my goal starting today. I know it sounds crazy and perhaps a bad ida.. but I have to do something to kick start this weight loss thing.

Fortunately I got a good workout today, as my dear friend has ASSURED me that cleaning the house counts. :)

So no more sweet stuff, and lots of water.. and hey if I can I'll be heading to the gym!

So here goes, my quest to once more be a size 6 (but will totally settle for an 8) :)

My little girl got contacts today..

and a haircut! She is too grown up looking. The contacts were not supposed to get here until Tuesday.. They came early. She has BEGGED to wear them for graduation tomorrow.. I think I will let her.

So my baby girl started out the day looking like this..

and by the end of the day, she had aged 5 years...

A day living in randomness

This is my life, or more specifically life with my kids. Nothing is dull, and rarely as it seems, and generally quite amusing!

The following are all things overheard being said in this house....

"It doesn't hurt if it doesn't leave a mark, that's the rule"

"Are you printing your own money again?"

"We need a man cave."


"Ryan knows how to fly"

"Mom, what would happen if we filled up the pool in our room?"

"SERIOUSLY TRADE HER TO ANGIE!, we'll take Zachary"

"I only ate the parts that you cooked right, someone else can have the rest"

"Mom, tell Connor he isn't allowed to print money!"

"SWIM, Ryan knows how to SWIM!!"

On the cusp..

Tis the season for graduating and moving on. Perhaps not moving on so much, as moving up, or moving in general. Here in our little nest we are on the cusp of several graduations. (promotions whatever!)

After Monday comes and goes Garrett will no longer be my little Kindergarten cutie, but a full fledged first grader. Tanner will be leaving behind the childish ways of all things that are second grade, and rolling into the third. (One step closer to becoming a math professor at Harvey Mud college, just ask him!) Very non-ceremoniously and with little pomp and circumstance Connor will move from the 7th grade into the 8th. However the biggest buzz and ensuing chaos has been created by Paige's rise from the ranks of one of the tiniest 5th graders at Green Elementary, to be one of the tiniest 6th graders at Pershing Middle School.

Paige will "graduate" at 11:00 on Monday morning. There will be commencement speeches, procession up the red carpet. They will be called across th…

Ask a stupid question...

Right before Daniel deployed we went on a little hike with the kids, and decided to pack a picnic lunch. As luck would have it, I was out of most things I needed for a fore mentioned picnic lunch, so off I went to the store.

I ran through quickly gathered my items and headed to check out with my lunch meat, mayo and pickles. I got up to the counter and had the following exchange with the cashier..

After scanning my items, he looked at me and asked ...

"So, whatcha makin'??"

Me - "Smoothies"

Inspired Randomness

My brother inspires me, even if he's a little odd sometimes.

I cry more lately.

My current medicinal therapy consists of tea and yoga, and I have no plans to change that anytime soon.

I don't watch T.V much, I have a hard time keeping up with series.

I have never excelled in any one thing, but there are a few things I fake well.

I truly, truly LOVE bacon!

One of the biggest regrets I have, is not keeping in better touch with my cousins and extended family.

I dye my blonde hair blonde.

Mark Brunetz might be the coolest person on the planet. (quite possibly)

Sports have become much more central in my life, much more so than I ever expected they could be.

Donnie Wahlberg touched me. (It was kinda a big deal) :) *currently trying to plot out my next NKOTB concert* MUST .... GET .... IN FIRST.... ROW!!!

I bought Saturn of the planet men today. I already have one for my nephew.. but it was on sale for 3 $, so now I have 2.

I wish I had roses growing in my yard, but am afraid my dog would di…

Because we are military wives

We spend 4 hours with our husbands in a uniform shop, followed by two hours looking for the right size of boot, because any time together right before a deployment is still time together.

We try not to take the little things for granted for they become the biggest things when we don't have them any more.

We stand in tears on piers, and are comforted and comfort women we've never met, because we all are feeling the same way.

We cringe a little when people say "your so strong" because inside we are dying.

We put on a strong face for our kids, so we can dry their tears, and calm their fears, and hide away that we have the same ones.

We sleep alone most of the time, we worry, we cry, and we get up the next day and face life head on.

We try to smile and brush it off, when people who don't know any better tell us how lucky we are because of all the "benefits."Medical, housing et al.. Not having to pay for a physical really doesn't make up for all the missed …


It never seems to fail.

I go shopping.. doesn't matter where.. just out shopping. Having myself a grand ol' time, whether it be shopping for groceries or things a lot more fun than that, shopping. Shopping is great, until....

I leave the confines of the store/mall etc, and head to the parking lot only to have NO clue WHAT-SO-EVER where my fricken frackin car is!! NONE! No idea at all, good thing I have a green mini-van, cause THOSE aren't common!

So then I embark on the mission of trying to find my car. I try the nonchalant approach at first, strolling with purpose down an isle as if I know exactly where I am going. This process is generally complicated by a car following me to get "my spot", so then I have to feign forgetfulness, "OOPS, (looking around frantically) must have left something in the store."

It's back to the store to "retrieve" non-existent lost item, and try the car finding ruse once more. This time I try the more distracted …

I love Jesus, but I drink a little...

(So I totally stole that from the amazing Glady's of Ellen fame, but I had to do it)

Ok so here's the story.

On Wednesday nights I teach Pioneer Girls at our church. (A Christian Girl Scout type group, for those of you who don't know what it is.)

I co-teach with the fabulous (and much more organized than myself) Christyne. Unfortunately for me tonight was Christyne's birthday, so I had to be organized on my own. I could blame it on my busy week, but to be honest, I would have been no more prepared had I had 11 weeks. It's just my fly by the seat of my pants nature, but I digress..

As soon as Daniel got home I ran to the store to pick up a few things that I needed for tonight. I arrived home at 5:30, and had to leave at 5:55 in order to get to church on time, since I was opening up tonight.

I had to hurry up and rush Paige and Tanner (who goes to Climber Boys) through dinner, and shuttle them out to the car. Then we were off to get Jacki, then finally arriving at …

The American dream

Well I suppose that can be loosely interpreted to mean just about anything. However, for arguments sake lets say that is owning a home. I want to own a home. Heck I want to own ANYTHING. I own nothing, nothing is mine, my car isn't even mine, it's technically owned by my bank. My house is owned by the United States Navy, and for all intense purposes so is my husband, but I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, owning a home.. well not just any home.. THIS HOME..

It's perfect, it's pretty, it has a pool. It has 5 bedrooms (giving me places to stow all my children) and a lovely yard, it is also mere feet away from my children's school. EVERYTHING about it is perfect, well except for 2 little things, 1) I live in California, so therefor ; 2) its 665,000$.

Hmmm let's see base pay for Daniel is around 3500.00$ a month, so if we didn't eat for 15 years, I think we could save it up.. hmm perhaps that's a bit impractical. Housing prices in California aren't like…

Ok Media outlets.. I am PLEADING WITH YOU

I don't care which side of the coin you are on, but this has got to end.

THE RHYMING.. ohhh the rhyming.

I don't think I can endure 4 years of this!

I get it Inside Edition, and all the other news rags, and talk shows out there. I get it, lots of words rhyme with Obama. That is all well and good, but only a few weeks in, and my brain has fused.. so let's all just say a big collective NO!!

NO to NO-bama
NO to OH-bama
NO to Obama drama
NO to Obama-rama
NO to Obama's baby mama's doll drama


I can't spend 4 years listening to Deborah Norville think she's funny because she can rhyme Obama with 4 consecutive words. So please, I beg of you all, STOP

I can't take it, I don't want to hear it! Where will it end?? Obama's llama's pajama rama-dama drama??

Perhaps I should just stop watching Inside Edition.. I mean SERIOUSLY!!!

A monumental day calls for monumental stupidity.

I love to watch football. I haven't always, but it recent years I have become quite the football fan. I even had a fantasy football team this year (it did poorly) but despite all that I LOVE FOOTBALL!

Imagine my excitement when my home state team of Arizona against all odds made it to the Superbowl! I bet your thinking wild horses couldn't pull me away from the game today.. well you would be wrong.

Amidst my lack of cognitive thought and overall useless brain, I did something that may very well go down in history as the DUMBEST thing I have ever done.

With told disregard of the day and time, and apparently not thinking to LOOK at a calendar before purchasing tickets. I am NOT going to be watching the Superbowl..

Daniel and Connor will be gathered around the tv with 7 layer dip and other fabulous treats. They will see the great plays, and then "The Boss" play the what should be an amazing half time show. I however will see none of this.

For today at 3:30 I have tickets…

Some news is just hard to take..

On Wed I had a doctor appointment. I had no idea what news I would walk away with. I thought I was prepared for anything that might be thrown my way. I was not prepared for this.. not at all.

I really do like this doctor. She is very nice, sympathetic, understanding, smart, very knowledgeable about her field. She also takes a very holistic approach to healing, one of the reasons I like her so much. The appointment was going well, and then... it happened.

I was given the worst news. I was no longer allowed to have CAFFEINE!! I mean really?? So I said to my doctor...


and she said



Does she know who she is dealing with here?

Goodbye Monster

Goodbye soda

Goodbye coffee

Goodbye (gasp chest pain) ch ch ch..... *Sob* chocolate .

You never think it's going to happen to you, you never think you will get this kind of news, you always think "this only happens to other people, not me, no never me". Alas, it has happened, and I am no…

Ten on Tuesday

I have so many things to be thankful for. My amazing lovely friend reminded me that I should get to back to listing those. I find it makes for such a positive outlook.

So without further ado, and in no particular order...

I am so very thankful for

10) Being able to share my heart with the friends I know will always have my back no matter what.

9) My amazing family, I have 4 of the coolest kids I know, and a hubby who has stuck with me for almost 17 years, and through some very turbulent times, he is amazing enough to not give up on me.

8) Coffee, but mostly when it is consumed while chatting with some of my favorite people.

7) Who I am. After so many years of searching and trying to change for other people, I finally have realized that the good and the bad make me who I am, and I like me.

6) Smokey, he's just an A+ on the sheer amusement scale.

5) Bacon - You knew it was going to be here. Yes it means that much to me

4) My amazing wonderful God, who through the bad spots in life I have i…


My lovely friend has called me out, so I felt the need to rise up to the task :) (and I am avoiding laundry, so it was kinda a "win-win" deal.

so here is what ya do..

1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer
2) Select the 4th picture in the folder
3) Explain the picture
4) Tag 4 people to do the same

This picture was taken shortly before we moved to Arizona, so I was about 3. My favorite things in the world were "train driver monkey" , "hug-a-bye", and my bike... so I slept with them. Not sure about the safeness of sleeping with a bike, but hey :)

Ok so I tag everyone who feels the itch to do this :) (I know what a cheater I am)

Hoffy's last stand

Even though it's been fairly certain since late November when Trevor Hoffman's option for 2010 and accompanying contract was pulled. Reality was firmed last week with him being signed to the Brewers.

Tanner did not take the news well. Tanner is not just a Padres fan, he eat, sleeps, breathes baseball.. more specifically PADRE BASEBALL! Hoffman is Tanner's favorite baseball player. In Tanner's eyes, he can do NO wrong.

After taking in the news of Hoffman's new position with the Brewers (pending a physical), Tanner was sad, pouted for a bit and then decide that he knew why Hoffman was let go by the Padres.

" Well I guess because the Padres have been losing so much lately, they just wanted to lose more"

yes Tanner, I think that must be it.

Really Sweethearts.. REALLY??!!

It is no secret that I am a HUGE and I mean H U G E fan of Sweethearts conversation hearts. I patiently stalk the aisles of my local grocery store, waiting, waiting for the first bags to emerge.
As much fun as I have eating them, I also like reading them.
This year mixed in with the "love me" and "be mine" hearts. I found THIS little gem...


Now I'm just waiting for the "America's next top model" heart, or the "project runway" heart.

I don't know, I guess nothing says Valentine's day or "I love you" like


girl - "I love you"
boy - "oh top chef baby, top chef!"

yeah.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The joys of boys

What he brought home :

On Wednesday, January 14th the Kindergarten classes will be wearing their pajamas to school. Please have your child wear tennis shoes, as we will have P.E. that day.

What he said :

" MOM on Wednesday I get to wear JUST MY UNDERWEAR TO SCHOOL!!! Oh and shoes."

*Sigh* perhaps I should push more for him to wear more than just his chonies to bed.

New Years, and all that yada yada

Pronunciation: \ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən\ Function:noun1: the act or process of resolving: asa: the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler onesb: the act of answering : solvingc: the act of determiningThat being said, I am NOT making any new years resolutions this year. Seems too complicated.
However I am making some promises to myself.

I am going to lose weight (yeah yeah I know, me and 99% of the world, but seriously I am) :)

My house will never be any messier than it is at this moment.

I will not complain (or try very hard not to)

There are several topics I have deemed taboo, and am done discussing them. So please take no offense if you ask about one of them, and I smile, nod, and change the subject.

I will call my grandma every week.

I will save money.

I am going to think more and speak less. Ok I will think more before I speak, I am sure I will talk just as much.

I will stop trying to change the things about me that I adore. The things that make me ME.
I know who my t…