The American dream

Well I suppose that can be loosely interpreted to mean just about anything. However, for arguments sake lets say that is owning a home. I want to own a home. Heck I want to own ANYTHING. I own nothing, nothing is mine, my car isn't even mine, it's technically owned by my bank. My house is owned by the United States Navy, and for all intense purposes so is my husband, but I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, owning a home.. well not just any home.. THIS HOME..

It's perfect, it's pretty, it has a pool. It has 5 bedrooms (giving me places to stow all my children) and a lovely yard, it is also mere feet away from my children's school. EVERYTHING about it is perfect, well except for 2 little things, 1) I live in California, so therefor ; 2) its 665,000$.

Hmmm let's see base pay for Daniel is around 3500.00$ a month, so if we didn't eat for 15 years, I think we could save it up.. hmm perhaps that's a bit impractical. Housing prices in California aren't likely to drop anytime soon, so I have devised a BRILLIANT plan.. BRILLIANT I SAY..

I'm going to have a bake sale, a big big bake sale. I have a few choices here, I can either sell cookies for the low low price of 500$ a dozen, OR bake 650,000 cookies and sell them for a dollar each, I haven't quite decided yet. OR, OR I could have a car wash! OOH There ya go, I'll have a car wash and a bake sale! I'll have 665,000 in no time.

Or perhaps I'm stuck in Military housing for 5 more years.. *sigh*
Where's Ed McMahon with his giant novelty check when you really need him?


MomOfDudes said…
I say keep buying those lotto tickets...
Julie Rogers said…
if you decide to sell the $1 cookies, I'll take a dozen!

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