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One of those great words that can be used in several ways. Life is sometimes classified as a noun.  Since Life is not a specific person or place it must be a THING.  A thing, a thing sits there like a coffee pot, or a table.
Life can also be classified as an adjective.. which would make it an description, adjectives give more information, makes a noun come to life (as it were)
Adjectives : crazy, funny, busy, lovely, big, beautiful, exciting.. (you get the idea) all the stuff that fills in the blanks, the stuff that makes something fun, exciting, loved.

My observations of life as of late..

Happiness is a choice, so is sadness. Don't rely on people to make you happy, you will always be let down. You can at any time CHOOSE happiness. I know crappy stuff happens. It happens to all of us. I could sit here and list all the things in my life that are less than fabulous, and I could work myself into a depression in about ten seconds.. but WHY?  Bad things happen to good people, that…