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The facts of life

You take the good
you take the bad
you take them both
and there you have...

the random spewing thoughts of my mind....

Don't rely on people to make you happy, people will always let you down.

A 7 year old boy with a bloody nose and allergies can make your bathroom look like a crime scene in .06 seconds.

Teenage boys really are from a different planet.

If you are going to criticize someone for being messy, take a gander in the mirror first.

I have several groups of friends, yet manage to hold the same role in all groups.. the "oh yah ......and Amy" role..

If your missing anything in this house, look up! Odds are Connor taped it to the ceiling.

13 year old girls can be fairly surly.

I follow (in a complete legal non-stalking manner) NKOTB and  will continue to attend as many concerts as possible as long as they tour... WHAT!?  Danny Wood is magically delicious..

Car batteries are touchy.

Most things can be fixed with a screwdriver!

You know your done, when you find left ov…