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Birthday randomness

It's raining, I hope it rains more. I miss rain.

I have a hard time celebrating on my birthday. It has nothing to do with me thinking I am old. I don't think I am old I think I'm 16! (my body knows better though) I am however getting to a point where I am able to seperate me as the person from the events of today.

If I have lied to you about my age at any time, please know this was accidental, I seem to usually default to 32, so I guess I stopped aging then.

I have recently been re-evaluating what I believe, believe in, and why I believe it. I certainly think we are the champions of our destiny. The only way for things to change, is to change them.

Bacon cake is good. Call me crazy but chocolate bacon cake is the wave of the future!

I am so blessed by my friends. Between Angie (who would be here in 5 seconds if I needed her, because she is awesome like that ) and my PTA Green girls, I was able to cover everything I need for my boys while Paige is in the hospital, in abou…