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Say what?!

If you hang out in my house for any length of time, don't be alarmed if you hear any of the following...

On a side note, I just don't like people.

That picture is in Spanish.

I was thinking wrong generationally.

I don't date people, I hate people!

There was a bird in the back yard, it was like a finch, and I was gonna catch it and name it Frank... But it flew away.

I don't like loud people
-- You're loud---
I'm awesome though, I don't like non awesome loud people.

He's talking on an iPhone!!! He's a fake hobo!!! He's a fauxbo!!!

Well it's the best YOU'VE ever made it.

Who knew magic sounded so bad!

Wanna see me roll my stomach?

We didn't have any bread or peanut butter, so I made my sandwich with pound cake and frosting.

You realize, I was actually helping you by pooping with the door open...

You'll miss me when I move out in 2-8 years....

It's got Tom Stupid Cruise in it..
--"oh is that his middle name?"--

I'm on the afrin 12…

This kiss this kiss

Spring boarding off of my movie blog, and my deep love of mushy gushy romances. Some movies have the fantastic, romantic, ooye gooye romantic kiss. The moment where the whole movie becomes your favorite.

Here are my top ten, keep rewinding it, heart beating, awwww, best movie kisses.

10 - The Princess bride - Wesley and Buttercup. Who doesn't love a classic? What's better than a movie with chases, escapes and true love? Just don't read the book.

9 - He's just not that into you- Gigi and Alex.
" you are my exception" oh come on! How does that not melt you? It made me have a crush on Justin Long for crying out loud!!

8 - Dirty Dancing - Baby and Johnny Castle. Crawling towards each other to kiss while lip syncing... Ahhhhh mazing

7 - 16 candles- Sam and Jake. It's a teenage dream! Worst birthday ever, then the dreamiest guy in school shows up with a cake and a kiss. *sigh*

6 - Jerry McGuire - Jerry and Dorothy. Yes it's cheesy, yes it was predictable, but…

I have a friend - the remix

A few years ago I wrote a blog about my friends.

I was reading it today, and was amazed at the changes that have taken place in my life in the last almost three years. ( it's that whole cycle theory) I'm thrilled that I have a few friends that have and continue to outlast the "rule".

Myself as well as the people close to me have changed and grown, so I felt compelled to revisit this post idea once more.

I'd like you to meet the most important people in my life..

These are my friends...

I have a friend who is my backbone ( which I need since I rarely have one of my own). She is not afraid to tell me how it is, she is honest, she is amazing, she runs through mud and fire for crying out loud! She even buys me beer!

I have a friend who knows me better than I know myself, she always knows when to call, goes with me to see NKOTB ( come on July!) She has amazing poise, drive and is probably the nicest person I know.

I have a friend who is my Jimminey Cricket, she makes me …

Movies (Don't scare me)

I know a lot of people who think its fun to be scared.
Scary movies...
No thank you! I can't handle it! If it sounds scary, seems scary, has a spooky title, or plays an exorbitant amount of "something's gonna happen music", I'm not watching it!!!

I don't understand how scary is fun, scary is SCARY!!! You can't spell SCARE without SCAR, which is what I am for life, because I watched Psycho when I was 14. Showers still scare me! ( don't worry I have showered in the las 24 years, but it freaks me out every time.

Now the truly weird thing is I LOVE true crime shows... Forensic Files, that shtuff doesn't bother me at all. Celebrity Ghost stories, a Haunting, pure AWESOME! Sixth sense, Blaire Witch.... Not so much!!! Terrifies me, can't sleep.

Give me a good predictable romantic comedy, boy loves girl, girl has issues ( or boy does), boy gets girl in the end. Ahhhh gets me every time!!!

In other news I just watched Pitch Perfect, The Holiday and He…

50 things ( no not really)

So I was tagged in a blog, and was instructed to write 50 things that no one knows about me.....


A couple things....

I talk sorta a lot.... ( or non stop )

People who have known me for more than 15 seconds... Know EVERYTHING about me...

After much thought here are (no where near 50) some things that you might not know about me.

I have an unnatural obsession with the New Kids on the block...
( oh ya knew that huh?? ) hmmmm

I like to be alone around people. I like to be alone, but not alone alone, alone with people around.

I write... A lot... Most things never see the light of day, but it's therapeutic.

Every time any of my kids do anything for me I say " thanks, you're my favorite." However doing this in public around strangers, gets you judged harshly.

I'm 5'5, I look tall from a distance though..

I really want to be a standup comedian.

I win a ridiculous amount of contests.. But never the lottery.. Boo

I don't have a favorite song, color or food.

I snap ju…