50 things ( no not really)

So I was tagged in a blog, and was instructed to write 50 things that no one knows about me.....


A couple things....

I talk sorta a lot.... ( or non stop )

People who have known me for more than 15 seconds... Know EVERYTHING about me...

After much thought here are (no where near 50) some things that you might not know about me.

I have an unnatural obsession with the New Kids on the block...
( oh ya knew that huh?? ) hmmmm

I like to be alone around people. I like to be alone, but not alone alone, alone with people around.

I write... A lot... Most things never see the light of day, but it's therapeutic.

Every time any of my kids do anything for me I say " thanks, you're my favorite." However doing this in public around strangers, gets you judged harshly.

I'm 5'5, I look tall from a distance though..

I really want to be a standup comedian.

I win a ridiculous amount of contests.. But never the lottery.. Boo

I don't have a favorite song, color or food.

I snap judge people when I meet them. However someone who I totally snap judged wrong is becoming one of my favorite people.

If I lived on the other coast Danny Wood would probably need a restraining order against me. Ok not really, I just think he's pretty.

If I'm not around little kids, I get sad.

I rub my legs together like a cricket when I'm super stressed... Does that make me crazy?

I have only a handful of people that I consider close friends, and they are my heart and soul.

I usually talk first and think later.

Ok I'm out, I can't think of anything else that people might not know about me. ;) learn anything new?


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