Because we are military wives

We spend 4 hours with our husbands in a uniform shop, followed by two hours looking for the right size of boot, because any time together right before a deployment is still time together.

We try not to take the little things for granted for they become the biggest things when we don't have them any more.

We stand in tears on piers, and are comforted and comfort women we've never met, because we all are feeling the same way.

We cringe a little when people say "your so strong" because inside we are dying.

We put on a strong face for our kids, so we can dry their tears, and calm their fears, and hide away that we have the same ones.

We sleep alone most of the time, we worry, we cry, and we get up the next day and face life head on.

We try to smile and brush it off, when people who don't know any better tell us how lucky we are because of all the "benefits."Medical, housing et al.. Not having to pay for a physical really doesn't make up for all the missed Christmases and birthdays, and first steps, and first words.

We don't do it because we are tough, or can handle it. It doesn't get easier the more they deploy. We do it because we have to, because we have no other choice.

We don't watch the news, because sometimes we don't want to know. We know how scary the world is, but sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

We take it day by day, sometimes hour by hour, but we take it., and we MAKE IT

... because we are MILITARY WIVES

and we pretty much rock!


Marsi said…
You rock. You really need to have your own column, girl! I enjoy everything you write. And this, well it tears at my heart strings!
Thany said…
You SO do rock.
This is you.

You are MY hero.
Rindie said…
Yes you do! I am here for you and I would totally love it if plane tickets were free and you guys could come out for a while. I miss you lots!
Tell Daniel to stay safe and we will be praying for him. :)
Mountainflower said…
I hear ya sister. Hang in there.
Shannon said…
Yes Amy, you do ROCK!!!! That was awesome and so true.
Crayl said…
You do indeed rock. Good post.
MomOfDudes said…
You totally Rock!!!

Blessings my dear friend

Love, Troy
angie said…
Thanks for making me cry. [HUGS}
Brown-Eyed Girl said…
I had a whole book typed out for you just now sharing some thoughts when I decided it was something I rather save for a one on one chat.

I am here for you....actually all of your friends are here for you now and when he deploys. I have an idea now what this must be like since Damon travels so much now, and my heart goes out to you.

I love you my dear Amy and I am here to help with anything!

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