A picture is worth a thousand AUUUGHHHHHHH

It is no secret that my eldest child hates and I mean HATES roller coasters. (and by roller coaster, I mean anything faster than a merry-go-round.. and actually it REALLY depends on the merry-go-round)

Today was Tanner's birthday, and in honor of such, we went to Lego Land. Connor of course volunteered to ride the park bench, and wanted to go in the play structure with Nay Nay. The rides though, he wasn't horribly interested in. With a lot of coaxing from the girls, we did convince him to go on this car one, called "project X".

Well I don't think he will be going on anymore any time soon. :) (click the pic to make it larger.. the look on his face is priceless!)

ON the plus side for Connor though, he got enough white Legos while we were there to complete his WII Lego creation.


*emmy said…
That picture is hillarious! Poor Connor. I have a GREAT roller coaster picture of Bethay. There is pure joy on her face but there is just something about that picture that makes me bust up laughing everytime I look at it. I think it's the position of her arms. Let me look for it and I will send it to you. Or maybe you have already seen it? Hmmm. Any how it is so fun to look at and I just love the expression on her face.

Love Benny!
Anonymous said…
What I meant to say was "I love YOU Benny", not love Benny, because that wouldn't make sense.

I type to quick sometimes and the words in my head never make it down to my fingers.
Thany said…
Ok, that picture absolutely made my day. I had no idea about Connor and roller coasters!!

Seriously, that was so wonderful.

And Yeah Amy knows that picture-she's in it, I think! I love to go "whole hog" when it comes to my coasters! :)
Angie said…
Ahh, it was a great day with you guys. I love your family (even if they don't ALL like roller coasters, lol).

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