Combatting violence

So here we are AGAIN! The same arguments, the same go around.  “We need common sense gun laws” “No! Control doesn’t work” “No one needs a weapon that can wipe out a classroom in 45 seconds” “The only thing, that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun” “Arm the teachers” “Secure schools better” “Metal detectors and armed guards everywhere” “No we can’t have our kids going to school in prisons” “We need better mental healthcare” “It’s not a gun problem it’s a people problem” And on and on and on.....
Then after a few days or a few weeks the arguing, and posturing simmers down, and we go back to life as usual until it happens AGAIN! Then the go around starts back up, but nothing is actually being done. You can’t say X or Y doesn’t work, because literally we haven’t tried anything so how do we know what will and won’t work.
You want to talk about rights? How about my child’s right to go to school, AND come home.
I’m having conversations with one of my dearest friends about looking at effi…


New Year’s Eve 2017....

I guess we all are doing a lot of reflecting at this time of year. I sat pretty much sobbing last night as I reflected on this year. It certainly has had its shares of down, but just thinking about the bad parts is not very productive. This year also had some very great spots. So I’m going to reflect on the good, ponder the bad, and look at what I hope for the new year.

The Good ~
This year saw lots of good -
2017 saw Garrett graduate 8th grade and start high school..
Daniel started a new job..
Tanner got his drivers license..
Paige started working at SDSU dining services..
Connor decided on his career path (elementary school teacher)
We went to Michigan for the most amazing wedding of the most amazing people..
I visited Oregon for the first time
Went to Vegas for the most fun wedding/weekend and gained a sister
Saw 2 NKOTB concerts and my forever hero Dolly Parton
So lots of good. Lots and lots of good..

The bad ~
More ponderings of the bad....
I guess I can’t…

This is not Trump's America

This is not “Trump's America.” This is not “Obama’s America either.” This is MY America, and your America. I can not sit idly by and watch our America crumble. The problems in our society existed long before Obama showed up, racism existed before Trump. We can't blame our downfalls on any one man. In the week that has followed the election, I've seen people of all walks of life, backgrounds, political views, just tearing each other apart. You want to know what will destroy America? That will! You CANNOT say that you are against hate and discrimination in the middle of hating and discriminating against ANY group or individual. Everyone who voted for Trump is not a racist bigot homophobe. Everyone who didn't isn't a whining bleeding heart lazy millennial. STOP USING THIS ELECTION AS AN EXCUSE TO BE AN ASSHOLE!

Some of the most amazing people I know voted for Trump. Good, loving, hard working people who don't hate anyone. The same can be said about the awesome peo…

I'm bringing kindness back

When did kindness become old fashioned??? When did it become ok to just be rude? I marvel at this phenomenon every day. It’s just getting worse.
I’ve come very close lately to deleting all social media due to the negativity of it all just eating my soul. People who I love, respect, look up to just spewing venom about any group/ thought/ etc that does not emulate their own. It has seemingly become completely acceptable to tear apart anyone who disagrees with you in the name of equality.  Don’t believe me? On any sad news story, comment that you are praying for them…. Then wait… within moments you will be torn to shreds by people who don’t believe in God. These same people who claim Christians are hateful and discriminatory, but it’s ok to be hateful to them? Wait,  WHAT??!!!
The other day my daughter brought to me her “political swear jar” that she plans to put out at her graduation party. Anyone caught talking about the election has to donate to her college fun. Yes it was done in jest …

A story for this fine Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran’s day. A day to reflect and appreciate all who have served this great country of ours in any capacity as part of the armed forces.
I am blessed to be surrounded in my life by some of the most noble, giving, hilarious, kind hearted, dedicated veterans.
I found myself reflecting a lot today, not just about veteran’s day, but about the 22 years my husband served, the friends we made, the things that shaped our life.  
Today I would like to thank one specific veteran.  I never got to thank him. I don’t know his name, and I’m sure I never will, but this story not only brings me great emotion it also sums up the willingness that so many men and women in our military have to serve, to help, no matter what.
This happened about 5 years ago. Daniel was deployed, Connor was at a band competition and it was just me, Paige and the little boys.  Paige had a very rough time in her early life with her kidneys (as some of you may recall).  This particular day a rotten kidney infection …

It's only been 2 weeks?!?!!

In the last 2 weeks...
Daniel retired

A bunch of family and friends came out to celebrate!

I saw Barry Manilow in concert with my parents..

Daniel started his new job at SPAWAR

The boys played at the STEAM expo

The transmission in my van went 
(/\ that's what a transmission looks like, who knew?)
We moved

That's a lot of life in two weeks.. I've had some stressy moments, (by stressy moments, I mean totally lost my shit) but I I am fortunate enough to have great friends to talk me down. Now that we are at our new house, much of the storm has passed, I must say... I LOVE IT!!
I really do love everything about it! We are adjusting quite nicely to civilian life. Daniel's job seems good, the kids are all doing well, the van is at the van hospital getting better. As for the new house... It's perfect!
The old house had a negative energy. I know not everyone believes in ghosts/spirits ect.. but I do, and there was a presence in that house... It's not here. Even the dogs are more …

I'm not offended

I think life in general would be so much easier to navigate if we all collectively agreed to stop getting offended and lashing out so damn easy.

We are all human, we are all on the same path, the same life journey, and if we stop judging and making each other feel bad about who they are, how much greater will the journey be for all of us?

So here is me

I don't run (often)
I don't eat organic
I love greasy food
I'm not skinny
I drive too fast
I love beer
I like guns
I swear too much
I forget birthdays
I don't spank my kids
I don't punish for bad grades
I sometimes am dangerously close to helicopter status
I'm not June Cleaver
I'm a Christian
I'm not a big fan of the current POTUS
I believe in ghosts
I'm straight
I'm really smart
I'm extroverted and pretty loud

I'm not offended if you do/don't/aren't/ are. I will never put you down even if you do everything the exact opposite of me. It's who you are, and I love all the things that make you who yo…