This is not Trump's America

This is not “Trump's America.” This is not “Obama’s America either.” This is MY America, and your America. I can not sit idly by and watch our America crumble. The problems in our society existed long before Obama showed up, racism existed before Trump. We can't blame our downfalls on any one man. In the week that has followed the election, I've seen people of all walks of life, backgrounds, political views, just tearing each other apart. You want to know what will destroy America? That will! You CANNOT say that you are against hate and discrimination in the middle of hating and discriminating against ANY group or individual. Everyone who voted for Trump is not a racist bigot homophobe. Everyone who didn't isn't a whining bleeding heart lazy millennial. STOP USING THIS ELECTION AS AN EXCUSE TO BE AN ASSHOLE!

Some of the most amazing people I know voted for Trump. Good, loving, hard working people who don't hate anyone. The same can be said about the awesome people in my life who were Hillary (or third party) supporters. These people who I've known for literally ever, did not change who they are overnight because of who they cast their ballot for.

I have family and friends who voted for Trump for a plethora of reasons, none of which were that they hated anyone. They want what's best for this nation and their future and their children's future.  I can not and will not tear them down for that.

I have a daughter who voted in her first election. She did not vote for Trump. She cried when he was elected. She opted not to go to her college classes the next day. She isn't spoiled, or coddled or whiny, she was sad and concerned. She wants what's best for this nation and for her future. I can not and will not tear her down for that.

This election is unlike any the world has seen. The world is however watching. What will they see? Will we allow this to take us down? Will we decide to tear apart the very fiber of our nation? The choice is ours my friends. What are you going to do?


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