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My solemn hair vow

I Amy Eagle (raises right hand) on this 11th day of November, 2009,

do solemnly swear to never ever under any circumstances EVER do anything to my hair, apart from brushing and washing it. I being one who does not learn from past mistakes, and insists on trimming, cutting, dying my own hair on random whims.. never again shall! Never, no never!

I will not do this

or this

never again will I do this

and certainly not this..

I solemnly swear on all my hair, may it forever be soft, flowing and healthy. I do thee swear.

(even though my amazing and fabulous friend Ally, went into work today on a day she had off, because I was a complete dunce, and dyed my hair greyish green..)

and she made me look like this

Amazing! :)

Middle child syndorme? fact or fiction..

Tanner, the love of my life Tanner, is also the middle child of our family. I know what you are all thinking.. "Wait don't you have two middle children?", and while technically yes Paige would also fall into that category, she is the only girl and therefor the princess of the world, so really the rule doesn't apply to her. I digress...

As a parent I have often poo pooed the idea of the very existance of "middle child syndrome". However as Tanner gets older, he is seemingly having a greater issue coping with life. Third grade seems to be giving him a run for his money. Losing. losing in general is BAD. It doesn't matter WHAT it is that we lose at, sports, awana competition, checkers, running race.. a loss usually sends Tanner spiraling to the ground in a heap of tears.

Now I know one of the "symptoms"( if you will) of this "syndrome" is not having a sense of belonging, which leads to sadness and reclusion. I treat all my kid…

Smokey the wonder genius rides again

Meet Smokey

Smokey spends his days chaising his tale, being afraid of everything that moves, and growling at his feet. Smokey eats walls, doors, and random crayons. He runs into walls, barks at boxes, his tail, random furniture. Smokey also enjoys locking himself in every room in the house on a daily basis, by pushing the door shut with his nose.

This is my dog. He is very fluffy, very pretty dog. He is good with kids, very gentle....

and he just spent the last 15 minutes repeatedly getting his head stuck under the dining room chair, crying till I freed him, then shoving it under there again.

Yep he's a smart one.

I have figured out my problem

I grew up skinny. RAIL thin skinny.. no really I swear I have pictures to prove it.. ask show Low people.. I was a twig. So my twig life ended somewhere around the birth or rather conception of Tanner. I gained weight LOTS of weight.

I have struggled and yo-yo'd and have gone up and down so much in the last few years my pants have whiplash (and stress fractures)

I finally figured out what my problem is.


I love ALL food. there really isn't many foods I won't eat. So now I am looking for this crazy thing called will power.. let me know if you see some.

There's that one..

I am always at a loss as to if Garrett is serious, or just messing with me. The kid can say anything completely deadpan.. so you just are never really sure.

Case in point - A few weeks ago on our way to school Tanner decided to start pointing out "Halloween Houses", so quickly Garrett chimed in pointing out people's decorations. "look at the pumpkin" or "hey a giant spider!" We had just finished dropping off the big kids, and were headed around the corner towards the elementary school, when Garrett points and says "There's that one." Tanner and I turn to look and see a completely empty yard, void of anything, including living grass. " Uhh Garrett, there isn't anything in that yard" To which Garrett replies "DUH the creepy dead guy standing on the lawn." *cricket, cricket* .. then he looks at me and says "well I guess you missed him."

The next day, after dropping the big kids off, Tanner is chilling …

Ten on Tuesday

Haven't done one of these in many moons.. so here is my weekly top ten of things that inspired, made me laugh, blessed, confused, or just randomly popped into my head this week..

10) Hospitals smell weird. I mean I know they are sterile and all.. but seriously could not sleep because of the weird aroma.. maybe that was just me. :)

9) I like using big words. I try to throw a few every chance I get.. this weeks favorite is honorificabilitudinitatibus, so don't be surprised if I throw it at ya at some point.

8) I am ok not having caffeine... decaff isn't bad... it isn't good either, but it isn't bad.

7) I miss my brother. He should come visit me.

6) Garrett is HILARIOUS! I don't even know half the time if he is trying to be serious, or just messing with me.. but that kid cracks me up!

5) Sometimes it really is better to say nothing at all.

4) Had all day Monday just me and my hubby. It was FABULOUS

3) Crayons don't really like dryers.. or maybe it's dryers tha…

Sailors, and Tigers, and oceans OH MY

Two weeks ago Connor set off on a journey to Hawaii and then off to Tiger cruise aboard the USS Ronald Reagan with his dad. It was such a great experience for Connor and Daniel as well. He got to see Daniel a full week before the rest of us, and got a little taste of ship life. He had a great time, but doesn't think the Navy life is for him. :)

While going through the camera after Connor got home, I realized, I think I have a budding photographer on my hands. Now I can't take good pictures to save my life, so what do I know, but man some of the pictures he brought back were pretty awesome!

Enjoy. :)

NABLOPOMO??? Oh sure why not!

Ok so I haven't been as blogalicious lately as I have been in the past. However for the past three or so yearsish I have participated in National blog posting month, or NABLOPOMO. Basically you blog everyday and have the chance to win a prize. WHY do I do this? Not sure if it's because of my enormous amount of free time, or my complete lack of brain cells, but either way I seem to think it's fun! :)

So here I go. I can't guarantee I will be witty, charming, or amusing, but I will try.

To start of this lovely month of blogging, I will show you pictures of my really cute kids on Halloween.. :)


bonus points if you can guess what Connor's costume is.