NABLOPOMO??? Oh sure why not!

Ok so I haven't been as blogalicious lately as I have been in the past. However for the past three or so yearsish I have participated in National blog posting month, or NABLOPOMO. Basically you blog everyday and have the chance to win a prize. WHY do I do this? Not sure if it's because of my enormous amount of free time, or my complete lack of brain cells, but either way I seem to think it's fun! :)

So here I go. I can't guarantee I will be witty, charming, or amusing, but I will try.

To start of this lovely month of blogging, I will show you pictures of my really cute kids on Halloween.. :)


bonus points if you can guess what Connor's costume is.


Thany said…
It is amazing the things we will do when there is the potential of awesome (or not so awesome) prizes!!

I look forward to a month of Amy!
MomOfDudes said…
I say Connor is Horatio on CSI Miami. Good to see you blogging
Angela said…
I would say Elton John, but I don't think that's it. John Lennon? =^)
Brown-Eyed Girl said…
Luigi and Mario are hillarious! Great look on the boys and what a great idea for a costume! And I know- I know- I know!! I know who Connor is? Only because you told me = ) .

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