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It's only been 2 weeks?!?!!

In the last 2 weeks...
Daniel retired

A bunch of family and friends came out to celebrate!

I saw Barry Manilow in concert with my parents..

Daniel started his new job at SPAWAR

The boys played at the STEAM expo

The transmission in my van went 
(/\ that's what a transmission looks like, who knew?)
We moved

That's a lot of life in two weeks.. I've had some stressy moments, (by stressy moments, I mean totally lost my shit) but I I am fortunate enough to have great friends to talk me down. Now that we are at our new house, much of the storm has passed, I must say... I LOVE IT!!
I really do love everything about it! We are adjusting quite nicely to civilian life. Daniel's job seems good, the kids are all doing well, the van is at the van hospital getting better. As for the new house... It's perfect!
The old house had a negative energy. I know not everyone believes in ghosts/spirits ect.. but I do, and there was a presence in that house... It's not here. Even the dogs are more …