Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Mother's Day poem for my lovely mother

Forty one years ago you became a mother.

You looked upon that baby so cute and fat and thought..
"Hey I can do better than that"

And that you did, just a few years later
Had a girl, so sweet and so kind,
She gave joy and rest to your troubled mind.

That "other" kid.. oh what a pill!
He kinda gives you a headache still!

But No worries from her you ever had
And after having to deal with that first one, boy were you glad

Calm, polite, drama-free
She was a pillar of the community

No headaches here , no sleepless nights
Always happy, no fuss, no fights

So on this very special Mother's Day,

From the bottom of my heart,
I wanted to say...

You're Welcome


Monday, May 6, 2013

iA iStory iAbout iA iPhone

Long long ago (last Friday) in the magical land of Patrick Henry high school, there was a girl (we'll call her Podge), and her iPhone (pronounced Aye-PaHoneAaa)

Podge and iPhone went everywhere together, they were inseparable. It was like iPhone was physical attached to Podge. Podge loved iPhone sooooo much and iPhone loved her.

and so it went....

Until one day Podge was at track and called her mom (we'll call her Princess Amazing), Podge was sobbing, iPhone had been STOLEN!!!! ( dundahdun)

Princess Amazing felt horrible, and even though she was out having amazing 9$ steak with her dear friends "Fun" and "Fabulous" ... she left her friends and rushed home to console Podge.

First they pinged the phone's current location, which was hunted out by another friend "Hutch". Hutch found that the address didn't exist. ( Thanks Sprint)

Princess Amazing was perplexed, everywhere iPhone was pinged was right around PHHS.
Perhaps Podge had left iPhone on the field during track... "No" cried Podge, "iPhone was stollen!!"

Never the less her fearless brother "Fluffy" went to the field early the next morning (before he took the SAT for five hours) and searched high and low... but alas no iPhone.

Podge was saddened, would she ever see iPhone again?? ( insert dramatic music)

Monday morning, sad Podge got out of the car and headed into PHHS... staring into the sad inevitable conclusion that without iPhone she would have to *gasp* pay attention in class!!!!
Then it happened.....

Princess Amazing's phone rang, it was Podge!!

" mom? "
" so on Friday, I didn't have my school I.D., and I needed to check out loaners... So ummm I .... gave her my phone until I turned them back in... And I forgot to go get my phone back..." O_o

The story you just read is true, the names have been changed to protect the ignorant.