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boys are dumb! ( and other wisdoms)

When I was in high school (a year or 2o ago) my very dear friend Katie Hogan and I would often yell across the halls, or pass a note in yearbook to simply say "boys are dumb!" Most of the time a explanation was not needed, I could look at her face and see it.. BOYS ARE DUMB! It fit in many scenarios, referring to fellow students, boyfriends, teachers, or my dumb brother, one truth seemed to rise to the top and that was simply "boys are dumb."

I remember one particular lunch at Dairy Queen, (which was often Katie and I's choice of lunch spots, ) vowing that I would never ever get married, and couldn't even contemplate the thought of having sons. Why would I want to surround myself with boys... BOYS ARE DUMB.

This popped into my head tonight at the dinner table as my three sons spent a good 30 minutes debating on whether or not it was physically possible to lick your own elbow. Even though I still often shout "boys are dumb" in my head, I am so …

because random is what I do best

So I have tried to commit to blogging more often, but have found that I have very little in the creativity department lately. The only thing rattling around in my brain, just dying to jump out, is another collection of random thoughts, because being random is, well... kinda my thing.

I have the funniest nephews on the planet. I adore them. My nieces are completely amazing too. The not so fabulous part is they all live much to far away from me.

Nothing would make me happier than if we could actually afford to live in California.

I contemplated getting another keeshond puppy... the thought quickly passed.

I might be addicted to candy.. I seem to have an issue.

Even through my bad week, blessings were abundant, and it's hard to not feel blessed and loved.

I have strong amazing friends. I am in awe of them on a daily basis.

I sorta love facebook.. I have been able to re-connect with, and get to know all kinds of fabulous people from Show Low, that I never really knew how awesome they wer…