Middle child syndorme? fact or fiction..

Tanner, the love of my life Tanner, is also the middle child of our family. I know what you are all thinking.. "Wait don't you have two middle children?", and while technically yes Paige would also fall into that category, she is the only girl and therefor the princess of the world, so really the rule doesn't apply to her. I digress...

As a parent I have often poo pooed the idea of the very existance of "middle child syndrome". However as Tanner gets older, he is seemingly having a greater issue coping with life. Third grade seems to be giving him a run for his money. Losing. losing in general is BAD. It doesn't matter WHAT it is that we lose at, sports, awana competition, checkers, running race.. a loss usually sends Tanner spiraling to the ground in a heap of tears.

Now I know one of the "symptoms"( if you will) of this "syndrome" is not having a sense of belonging, which leads to sadness and reclusion. I treat all my kids the same. (Despite the fact the Connor thinks the oldest has it so hard) I really am very fair. There is no favoritism, no comparing, but I am at a loss with how sad my sweet Tanner has been lately.

So is this "middle child syndrome", "I hate the third grade syndrome", I don't know. I just know I hate seeing most events send Tanner into a mass of sadness.

-p.s.- in a unrelated note, I do realize my epic NABLOPOMO failure, as I missed yesterday, but I am going to ignore that fact and push on and still try to complete the month. :)


Missy Shell said…
Oh, this breaks my heart. I have a kid who is going through some junk right now, so I totally get not wanting to see your kid hurting.

I want to give Tanner a big, big hug. However, since he doesn't know me, rather than encouraging him, I'd probably sent him into yet another fit of tear because this strange lady is accosting him.

Praying for your boy!

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