Sailors, and Tigers, and oceans OH MY

Two weeks ago Connor set off on a journey to Hawaii and then off to Tiger cruise aboard the USS Ronald Reagan with his dad. It was such a great experience for Connor and Daniel as well. He got to see Daniel a full week before the rest of us, and got a little taste of ship life. He had a great time, but doesn't think the Navy life is for him. :)

While going through the camera after Connor got home, I realized, I think I have a budding photographer on my hands. Now I can't take good pictures to save my life, so what do I know, but man some of the pictures he brought back were pretty awesome!

Enjoy. :)


MomOfDudes said…
What a super cool opportunity for him.. Excellent pics!
Brown-Eyed Girl said…
Wow, those are some awesome pictures. Good eye Connor.
C. Taggart said…
Those are really great pics!!! What a great opportunity for him and Daniel.

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