I have figured out my problem

I grew up skinny. RAIL thin skinny.. no really I swear I have pictures to prove it.. ask show Low people.. I was a twig. So my twig life ended somewhere around the birth or rather conception of Tanner. I gained weight LOTS of weight.

I have struggled and yo-yo'd and have gone up and down so much in the last few years my pants have whiplash (and stress fractures)

I finally figured out what my problem is.


I love ALL food. there really isn't many foods I won't eat. So now I am looking for this crazy thing called will power.. let me know if you see some.


Missy Shell said…
Hmmm. I haven't really found any yet, but if I do I'll send some your way.

I just started Weight Watchers the other day...we'll see if that'll help me.

I suppose concluding this comment with something like, "We need to get together for bacon!" isn't entirely helpful. :-)

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