There's that one..

I am always at a loss as to if Garrett is serious, or just messing with me. The kid can say anything completely deadpan.. so you just are never really sure.

Case in point - A few weeks ago on our way to school Tanner decided to start pointing out "Halloween Houses", so quickly Garrett chimed in pointing out people's decorations. "look at the pumpkin" or "hey a giant spider!" We had just finished dropping off the big kids, and were headed around the corner towards the elementary school, when Garrett points and says "There's that one." Tanner and I turn to look and see a completely empty yard, void of anything, including living grass. " Uhh Garrett, there isn't anything in that yard" To which Garrett replies "DUH the creepy dead guy standing on the lawn." *cricket, cricket* .. then he looks at me and says "well I guess you missed him."

The next day, after dropping the big kids off, Tanner is chilling listening to his Mp3 player, no one is talking.. we pass the same house, Garrett turns points and yells "SEE HE IS RIGHT THERE!"


is he just messing with me? YOU decide.


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