Ten on Tuesday

Haven't done one of these in many moons.. so here is my weekly top ten of things that inspired, made me laugh, blessed, confused, or just randomly popped into my head this week..

10) Hospitals smell weird. I mean I know they are sterile and all.. but seriously could not sleep because of the weird aroma.. maybe that was just me. :)

9) I like using big words. I try to throw a few every chance I get.. this weeks favorite is honorificabilitudinitatibus, so don't be surprised if I throw it at ya at some point.

8) I am ok not having caffeine... decaff isn't bad... it isn't good either, but it isn't bad.

7) I miss my brother. He should come visit me.

6) Garrett is HILARIOUS! I don't even know half the time if he is trying to be serious, or just messing with me.. but that kid cracks me up!

5) Sometimes it really is better to say nothing at all.

4) Had all day Monday just me and my hubby. It was FABULOUS

3) Crayons don't really like dryers.. or maybe it's dryers that don't like crayons. Well the load of jeans that was IN the dryer seems to be now quite attached to a blue crayon.

2) Anybody have a good quiche recipe?? Just wondering.. it sounds good to me right now.

1) DANIEL IS HOME!!! HOME HOME HOME HOME HOME!! (ok so he's been home over a week, almost two.. but the residule really carried over:) )


Crayl said…
At least it was a blue crayon with jeans...not a dark green crayon with the white load.
That's all I have to say about that.
Missy Shell said…
I just recently had to kick caffeine too. If you put enough cream and sugar in the decaf, it's doable. :-)

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