Some news is just hard to take..

On Wed I had a doctor appointment. I had no idea what news I would walk away with. I thought I was prepared for anything that might be thrown my way. I was not prepared for this.. not at all.

I really do like this doctor. She is very nice, sympathetic, understanding, smart, very knowledgeable about her field. She also takes a very holistic approach to healing, one of the reasons I like her so much. The appointment was going well, and then... it happened.

I was given the worst news. I was no longer allowed to have CAFFEINE!! I mean really?? So I said to my doctor...


and she said



Does she know who she is dealing with here?

Goodbye Monster

Goodbye soda

Goodbye coffee

Goodbye (gasp chest pain) ch ch ch..... *Sob* chocolate .

You never think it's going to happen to you, you never think you will get this kind of news, you always think "this only happens to other people, not me, no never me". Alas, it has happened, and I am now going to have to be caffeine free.

I do have some time to wean myself off, as to avoid the horrid caffeine headaches (and my absolute bitchiness that would ensue). I am doing well. I have been coffee free since Wed, and have had only one monster and very few sodas.

I can do this.. I am drinking more water, working on this whole running thing... and trying to stay focused on the bigger picture.. a picture that apparently does not include a coke in my hand.


Anonymous said…
You can do it Amy! I know you can! You crack me up. Hope all is going well!

Julie McEachern-Rogers
Eileen said…
I was at the doctor on Thursday and she told me the same thing. I know it's a HUGE reason behind my weight and just all my negatives. So I had my last caffine this morning DIET COKE (sniff, sniff) and I am going to caffine free diet coke for a week and starting to work in the water. Really, I have done more and more reading on the effects of caffine or in my case diet soda and I just need to give it up!

You can do it girl!
Angela said…
You CAN do this!!! You can totally do this!!! (Your comment on my giveaway post made me laugh outloud all alone in my kitchen.)

There are some super wonderful yummy teas out there. So, if you WERE to win the Starbucks gift card you get one of their new tea lattes... or ask for a tea misto.

And thank goodness for carbonation.

Now, there has to be some substitute for chocolate. Doesn't there? There HAS to be.

Praying for you, my friend...

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