A monumental day calls for monumental stupidity.

I love to watch football. I haven't always, but it recent years I have become quite the football fan. I even had a fantasy football team this year (it did poorly) but despite all that I LOVE FOOTBALL!

Imagine my excitement when my home state team of Arizona against all odds made it to the Superbowl! I bet your thinking wild horses couldn't pull me away from the game today.. well you would be wrong.

Amidst my lack of cognitive thought and overall useless brain, I did something that may very well go down in history as the DUMBEST thing I have ever done.

With told disregard of the day and time, and apparently not thinking to LOOK at a calendar before purchasing tickets. I am NOT going to be watching the Superbowl..

Daniel and Connor will be gathered around the tv with 7 layer dip and other fabulous treats. They will see the great plays, and then "The Boss" play the what should be an amazing half time show. I however will see none of this.

For today at 3:30 I have tickets to go see "High School Musical on Ice" with my darling daughter, and my very dear friend and her darling daughter.

So no need to ask me if I saw that great play, I did not. I guess I can DVR it and watch it later.

Me and the Lions going down in history as "the biggest losers"


Missy Shell said…
You crack me up. :-)
Jody said…
I am sure HSM on ICE was simply AMAZING!!! Glad you didn't miss it! =)
Dixie said…
There'll be more SuperBowls (maybe even one with the Cards again). But there won't be another HSM On Ice to spend with Paige at this age. :)
And thank goodness for DVR!

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